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Responses to a Video

by Reb Gutman Locks on Mystical Paths

Direct Video Link - G-d Is Everywhere

     The internet is a sharp and dangerous tool. It can do the work very easily, or it can cut your hand.

Used properly, we can reach people all over the world and begin to fulfill our responsibility (and privilege) to be a “light unto the Nations.”

A Viewer Wrote:

     Rabbi, after ridding myself of Yoshke (thanks to your video), I can now see, I have said stupid things to you before and I am now publicly apologizing. Thank you for your patience. You truly posses the virtues exposed in Isaiah 53.

     (Viewer L)

Gutman’s Response:

     May Hashem bless you to live a joyful, healthy life, filled with spiritual awareness, and to be a huge help to many people.

Viewer L’s Response:

    Thank you :-)

Another Viewer’s Comment:

     You’ve been a great inspiration to my wife and me. I was an xian and now I’m out of that and seeking true Torah. I am even wanting to convert and get to the land. Your videos are great! I wish you all blessings.

Shalom and blessings

(Viewer J)

Gutman’s Response:

    Hi (Viewer J),

    I am very happy for you, but you do not have to think about converting. Follow the 7 Commandments of Noah, and you and your wife will have a wonderful life in this world and in the World to Come. Check out such sites as AskNoah.org.

    Hashem bless you both to be healthy, happy, and to be a blessing to all who you meet.

   Be well, Gutman


  1. Rav Gutman, you have a way with people. And you make wonderful points. Yet, 2 billion people worship the man-god in various ways with various dogmas. I have always wondered how The Infinite (over time and space) is going to destroy this idea in the hearts and minds of 2 billion people when Mashiach comes. I hate to think the worst about their fate. And we are talking about the fate of 2 billion people.

  2. Dov, it's been occuring now for many years, the lie is unravelling. There are brilliant scholars, historians and archelogists who tell the truth about the historical Jew and his brother's death which was the cause of the uprising against the romans before the destruction of the Temple is just one example vs man god lie which we are familiar with today. Starting with the dead sea scrolls. I truly encourage non-Jews and Jews who have bought the pagan counterfiet lie to research about what the historical Jew really taught. There are books such as those from James Parkes, Robert Eisenman, just to name two. You will quickly learn how our own writings have been heavily redacted also. We have all bought a lie in one form or fashion. The whole point is that it points back to the Torah of Moshe, truly living a life that he outlined via the Written Torah. Not necessarily modern normative Judaism of today which will present a problem for some. Chaval.

    It is so obvious the words of the Baal Shem Tov, the rabbi's will hinder the geulah. How is this done, but not allowing the truth to prevail, not haveing us return to the original instruction manual, because no one wants to eat crow, this is understandable human behavior. But we today can obtain the goal, we are simply afraid, we don't have the emunah either. How sad.

  3. I wonder why on one hand Gutman tells goyim and surely Jews not to follow the man god, which in fact he is correct. But then he directs goyim to follow the path of B'nei Noach. In which he is completely ignorant of the source or is withholding information. Only he knows. But the teachings of B'nei Noach was prototyped by the followers of the historical Jew (not to be confused with the pagan man god lie, the messianic or Xtian theological lie) who where Torah observant Jews. So on one hand he tells people to abandon something but adopt something else in partial truth. The followers used these teachings to rid the goyim of sufficient paganism in order to allow them to interact within the Jewish community at the time. It allowed them to teach them to live a Torah observant life based on the Torah, Tanach. It was never the goal, just a start to reach the goal of living by the Torah, no need to convert as such in modern terms. So who is actually trying to further the geulah and who would be holding it back.

    Since the geulah is a process, why is the great lie being exposed by so many who are hated by Jews, who are hated by Christians and Messianics, who are hated by Muslims? Maybe those are the ones who do hold the truth of the Torah and trying to share it leads people to dispise them. Maybe if the messiah where to come we would give him or her such hell that the person, using his or her free will decides to walk away. Either way the person would live a life of torment. If taking the role, Jews, Goyim would, hate to use the term, crucify him, his personal life, his work live, marginalize him etc. If he or she walks as I see the potential is greater, then would live a life of personal torment. As I have discussed with Dov, the behavior of us will be the determining factor. Since we just fasted recently for stones, instead of our pathetic behavior, dead bones walking basically, it's becoming crystal clear we are headed on a path of destruction. Even the latest rant by R Arush states so. When the day comes, it will be our behavior that decides our fate, with the help of a messiah (judge and protector) or without. It's up to you all, it's in your hands now. Make the move.

  4. Hi R. Gutman,

    A friend of mine lent me your book "taming the raging mind". To tell you the truth, I didn't really read all of it yet. Instead I randomly read some chapters whenever I get the time to.

    Lately, I've been trying one meditation technique described in the book. During one week, I've been meditating just 5 to 10 minutes a day on what you call "realizing the zero"... I was able to quickly understand "intellectually" the concept of that meditation during that week. In fact, each morning I would just sit in the subway, on my way to work, eyes closed, trying to constantly picture the "concept", and coming back again at it when some noise or someone would distract me. It was tough, really difficult.

    But recently something new happenned, I seem to litteraly "see" the concept much more "clearly" in my mind (like watching light everywhere...), it's a strange experience and these words poorly explain what I really experience sorry about that..Not only that, but also I've been feeling REALLY euphoric each time I would try to meditate on it.

    Is this a good thing ? I don't want to put my self into trouble if you know what I mean..

    Have a nice day!

  5. I was about to forget one last thing.

    If I'm doing things right then does this experience eventually evolve to something else (other feeling or even more profound understanding) ?? or is this meditation technique "limited" to what I already described ?


  6. I believe there are xtians who are very good people, live decent lives and want goodness to rule the world. When they will be faced with the truth, I don't think they will have a difficulty. They already believe in "goodness" so as long as they cling to goodness and charity, the transition will be easy.

  7. Neshama, that is correct. Even though you are seeing a huge movement attempting to bring back or correct the historical Jew they think they follow, what concerns me is that in their teachings they believe we will follow the so called anti-messiah and may turn on us in all their 'goodness'. But on the otherhand there are like I said brilliant scholars, historians and archeologists that are in my opinion turning the tide to help usher in our Mashiach by showing that the actual movement that the historical Jew was involved with was a very pious, righteous, only Tanach based Judaism. He never taught to goyim anything. After his death and his brother Yaakov (corrupted to James) was the leader, described in the Dead Sea Scrolls as the Teacher of Righteousness (a very pious leader who could be described in todays terms as a messianic sadducee who taught in the Temple so his teachings had to have been accepted in his day), of all the opposition groups in Jerusalem who where against the Romans. When he was killed, this was the trigger to fight the Romans which ended in the destruction of the Temple. Sadly those who slander him, his brother and original followers are slandering those who actually fought against the foreign occupiers as opposed to those Jews who invited the Romans in, in exchange for support to gain control over the Jews. When you truly learn history, then you will see who has actually caused our suffering. It's sad we won't wake up. So we have a choice to make, part of the solution or part of the continuing problem.

    But, back to the correction of history. It presents much trouble for every religion actually but leads ONLY back to a Torah and Tanach based Judaism for Jews and non Jews to follow. Sounds to me like something that will actually hasten the geulah instead of continuing the delay. Think about it.


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