Sunday, August 26, 2012


No Bris in Israel?

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

th (7)In the year 2012, a brave rabbi and mohel (ritual circumciser) in Germany is defending himself against the charge of violating the human rights of an 8 day old infant for performing a Jewish ritual circumcision.

Several days after this news came to the fore, a (not) brave Israeli Jewish news commentator recommended Israel follow the German regional court lead and ban Jewish male circumcision.

“It is time to replace the fear and ignorance surrounding the subject - due to its religious-traditional roots and due to the fact that it has become the norm – with educated dialogue that will bring about cultural progress…

In summation, I predict that within a few years the fear and ignorance in Israel will be replaced by a social pact to protect babies' members, allowing the country to take a great cultural leap forward and join the rest of the sane world which leaves its children's penises whole.”

I’m not going to jump into the sickness of a German court ruling a Jewish religious procedure illegal in 2012, or a German prosecutor actually acting on such a ruling.  Certain Former Chief Rabbi of Israel and child Holocaust survive Rabbi Lau said everything that could be said here.

But for an Israeli Jew to make such a comment and recommendation is a level beyond idiocy and repudiation of his heritage, culture, people, G-d, and the Land of Israel. 

Simply put, if he actually believes what he wrote (as opposed to just shouting out stupidity for attention) he might as well drive to downtown Gaza City and throw himself on the mercy of Hamas (mercy, ha, haha, hahahahaha.)

Because in case he hasn’t noticed, no matter how much he hopes or desires “the sane world” is NEVER going to allow Israel to “join”. 

Much of Israeli secular society has begun to notice.  They took a chance and left Gaza (for peace!), and ended up with the bottom 1/4 of the country civilian population under constant rocket attack.  They left the security zone of Lebanon and got constant border attacks, kidnapped soldiers, and a minor war putting the top 1/4 of the country under heavy rocket attack. 

(Notice how when the Jews defend themselves it’s a cycle of violence, overwhelming force and an illegal attack, but when the Arabs directly target civilian population centers – the very definition of a war crime, it’s ‘legitimate resistance’?)

And today, after taking serious national risks for peace, many of which have resulted in Jewish civilian deaths as well as national trauma, the Hezbollah leader is declaring he’s going to slaughter Israel, the Iranian leaders are declaring their intent for out and out genocide while clearing working on nuclear weapons, the new Egyptian leadership is stating intent to act against Israel, and Europe as well as the U.S. State Department are diplomatically pressuring Israel weekly.

Any Israeli who still thinks he’s going to create an Israel that assimilates (nationally) into the “family of nations” (meaning Western democracies – which aren’t looking too well or stable themselves at the moment) is beyond deluded.  He’s ignoring the very reality that’s slapping him (nationally) in the face.

The Hand of Hashem is clear.  No assimilation into the family of nations, no easy way to walk away from your job as a light to the nations.

While I’ve focused on the author’s ridiculous position, even I’m astounded that a mainstream Israeli paper would publish it.  What kind of mindset leads a leading Israeli newspaper to publish such drek?

Dear author and publisher, I’m tempted to say if you’re that afraid of being a Jew or being in the Land of Israel, grab a flight to Uganda and see how they accept you.  But we see, Hashem doesn’t let His people go.  We have a job to do, and the Hand of Hashem is going to make sure it happens.


  1. Some recent survey found that only 2% of Israelis do not believe in God and 98% do. I think even most of those 2% who believe they are atheists still circumsize their boys because many secular studies show that it is proven healthier. Baruch Hashem, this journalist is not even the 1%.

    Given that, part of the Israeli Declararion of Independence is based on becoming a member in the family of nations. The galut followed us here, even to those original brave Zionists who thought otherwise.

  2. Pediatricians Decide Boys Are Better Off Circumcised Than Not


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