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Migron–Biblical, Current, Threat

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

2012-08-28 021Migron is a biblical village north of Jerusalem.  It was the home base of King Saul, as mentioned in Samuel I.  Today it’s a long term existing Jewish village in the West Bank that’s under threat of forced expulsion due to some legal manipulations by Euro-funded NGO’s and left wing aspects of the Israeli government and system.

Contributor Dov bar Leib invited me to the West Bank today to see Migron first hand, as well as the alternate uncompleted site they intend to expel the families to.

2012-08-28 023Below is a 3 minute video of pictures and short clips we made showing the area, the biblical background and the village (Dov is the primary speaker in the video).

Two points I want to emphasize. 

First, why are they doing this?  How’s it worked out so far?  Every expulsion has led to INCREASED attacks, INCREASED terrorism, INCREASED threats, increasing confidence in a terrorist enemy who simply wants to kill Jews.  The wonderful holy Jews who choose to dedicate themselves to G-d’s gift of the Land of Israel voluntarily choose to accept the risks and act as a buffer between the barbarians and civilized Israel. 

Remove that buffer and you have today’s news report of the children of Sderot and Ashkelon running from the school yard to bomb shelters from Gazan Arab “peace rockets” on their first day of school (report here – Hebrew).

2012-08-28 006Second, the new location selected is unlike the old one which is on an empty hilltop, the new one is right off a highway junction, NOT exactly a safe location in the West Bank (any Arab car could stop and open up with automatic weapons, spraying the whole neighborhood - and these "houses" are pre-fab caravan construction).  EVERY Jewish town in the West Bank is on a hilltop, distant from travelled roads and with a major security perimeter.  But not new "lower Migron".

I respect that some portion of the government is trying to do something to make sure these people don’t end up on the street.  But there’s no comparison between being at a biblical ancient Jewish location and being stuffed in a corner at a highway intersection.

Here’s the video… (direct video link here)


  1. I should point out that when three families were rudely awakened at 2am last September to throw them out of their permanent homes and to destroy the homes, three hours later the dry winds of Hurricane Lee lit 57 wildfires outside of Austin, Texas. Those wildfires destroyed over 1550 homes. That is a 500 to one ratio. Why Texas? The answer is obvious. Gov. Gog W. Bush, Jr. when he became President of the US, especially during his first term was putting regular pressure on Sharon to destroy Migron on the advice of American Ambassador Dan Kurtzer, yemach shmo. So the demonization of Migron began in the Gog W. administration who of course was the former Texas governor who governed from Austin, Texas.

  2. Thanks for the post, and the video. All I could do was rant.

  3. So Dov, let Bush's home get demolished, what the heck do the people there have to do with it, it's not correct.

    Today, down in Eilat at the Dolphin reef, most where sitting under the shade umbrella's minding their own business. A group of baboon Israeli's show up and plop themselves right in front of a foreign couple with a handycapped child. The baboons, 3 generations, quickly lit up their cigarettes, the wind blowing towards the tourists. One said in broken english something, so I yelled at the Israeli's in hebrew, they quickly put them out. The Israeli's sat on the tourist's chairs, on their clothes. I told them how rude and where was their midot, they replied, this is Israel, we all sit together, I told them their heads are not normal. The tourists got up and left, I appologized for such bad behavior and another couple we did not know also added that not all Israeli's behave so badly. This is also true.

    So Dov, explain why innocent people half way across the world get punished for something the Gov't here did, and the garbage behavior of some Israeli's continually goes unpunished. Are the resident's of Migron getting punished for the behavior. When I see the drech being punished for their behavior, then I will know it's divine, otherwise there is no connection.

  4. Another off the topic here, we have a chance to unite, to clean up our act, will we do it Dov, or are we going to blow the oppourtunity again and continue down the path of destruction. It's almost rosh haShana and no sign yet.

  5. Perhaps, Shiloh, Gog W. Bush Jr. became Governor of Texas because the majority of Texas voted for him, and his prosperity doctrine of serving G-d for the purpose of making money. And if the serving of G-d ever conflicts with the making of money, the prosperity comes first and doing the right thing comes second. This is a common doctrine in the Xtian world because if one believes that the dude from 2000 years ago has blazed a path for you in the World to Come, then the only reason to really serve G-d is to engender prosperity. Texas seems to be home to this belief system in spades, and ergo they vote for Gog Bush and Rick Perry who represent this form of Xtian doctrine in spades. So that is why they are included in the punishment. In Gog Bush's mind Migron had to go in order to promote the Saudi peace plan. By pushing that plan down our throats, the price of oil was kept down by the Saudis. This is true blue Gog type behavior, and Texans love it, not all Texans mind you, but a lot of them do. perhaps the ones who lost their homes. Yet, we know when the Satan is sent a mission decent people do suffer with those who deserve the punishment. Only G-d Himself perfectly separates the righteous from the wicked. Hopefully and prayerfully that is what happens here in the coming world war.

  6. It seems that some type of World War will begin between Hoshana Rabba and the dark of the moon on the 15th of October (the first day of Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan). If Bibi attacks it will likely be in that window of time unless he surprises us all and goes in before Rosh HaShana. A waxing moon is never a good time for a nocturnal attack plan. So he has limited options if this is what he has planned. The Syrian Civil War is also a room filled with gunpowder and a lit match. There is no way of knowing what would be the Archduke Ferdinand moment that will set off WW3 in the Syrian theater. What the Turks do in response to certain provocations seems to be the key because if the Turks get upset enough, NATO gets involved and then the Persians and the Russians will respond in kind. Ipso facto, we have WW3. And everyone knows that Erdogan has a very short fuse. Once the war starts the entire Left Coast of Eretz Yisrael will be bombed from Gaza in the south to Hezbollah in the north. Over 500,000 Israelis will be forced to seek shelter in Yesha. All the "let us worship World Public Opinion by bullying the settlers" insanity here will disappear in an instant. And Migron will never be moved if it lasts until that point in time. Pray hard that only the homes of Kadima, Labor, and Meretz voters get demolished by the missiles, that G-d plays Pesach with the missiles and that the righteous do not suffer with the wicked in this process. Those who voted to destroy the homes of others, only they will witness the destruction of their own home (if they have not done teshuvah for this in the last seven years). Pray really hard for that, and G-d will bless us all. Also pray that everyone is sensible enough to flee to Yesha when the missiles start to fly so that no one loses their life.

  7. Doing what's right and serving God according to His derech is not a popular concept. Cheshvan, quite possible, though I would like to have seen it yesterday.

    I still disagree with your Bush analysis, but what does it matter. I am more concerned in all reality about the story I had today from Eilat, had so many more, from just 4 day's down there away from the nut's in Jerusalem, though the Dead Sea was incredible as usual.

    I can only pray that the decent amoung us, religious, secular or any mix between are protected. The rest honestly Dov, I could care less about. Time to separate.

  8. The behavior that you witnessed in Eilat has Kadima voters written all over it. only thinking about themselves and their own personal popularity amongst their friends (fellow spiritual leftists). So it is all wrapped up in the same process. Once human decency is forced upon leftists who crave popularity over decency in one area of life, it causes a serious reflection in all areas of life.

  9. Dov, I know many religious and Likud voters who fit your description, sad as I must say. Let's just hope we get there quickly. Have a great night.

    You still have thoughts of rosh hashana, or you blowing that off now?

  10. Shiloh: The situation on the ground believe it or not is changing. The sheer threat of Persian annihilation is now forcing and will force a teshuvah in the area of common decency on everyone here. This was promised by all of our ancient sources, that this would be the effect when a king like Haman arose (in Persia of course) to force this teshuvah on us all. And I will be here with you to watch it work its magic. The previous Shmittah cycle with the kinder and gentler Methodist from Texas named Gog of course was preferable. But in 5765 everyone was thinking about the needs of their own communities or their popularity amongst the nations, one or the other. So now we get the unpleasantries of this Shmittah cycle with the sleazy slimy 11th horn dude. This time teshuvah is forced upon the above two groups, G-d willing with as little collateral damage as possible. So the option that I corresponded with you in private is off the table. The upcoming war has changed my plans. I did say bli neder by the way.

  11. Dov, first, chaval, on your third to last statement. Who's decision, yours, family or other? I need to know.

    Facts on the ground, who's dictating the change? Exactly what area is being taught from your perspective? For example, you recall the emails about certain events, and the person who asked, a 'r', well, I met with him a couple of weeks ago. I blasted him on our derech, of which he suggested I not speak about how that is messed up. Then I spoke to him about our behavior and what he has been doing for the last few months is speaking at his beit knesset and it's soley behavior. He's not the r of the synagogue but the r of the synagogue asks him to give sermons quite often.

    You may be here, how do you know I will be here? Maybe I have had enough of this popsicle stand. I recently had a job offer from where I was working prior.

    Listen, my prayers are not so important and even I would not put money on them.

    LOL, on the bli neder.

  12. Dov, last question, can you answer my mby and mbd with yes or no?


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