Tuesday, August 28, 2012

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Going Galt or Going Together?

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

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In the American lexicon, “going Galt” WAS a reference to a fictional 1920’s book, Atlas Shrugged, where the successful producers of society are taxed and nationalized to the point that all incentive for success is removed, at which point the they withdraw and let society collapse under the weight of incompetent operators, excessive bureaucrats, and a majority of the population focused on receiving benefits rather than producing or being self sufficient.

A real life example of this situation can be seen right now in the city of Detroit.  (Yet, with crumbling parts of the city, they still have on staff a Water Department Horseshoer.)

In the last few years, the term has come back into use.  Instapundit reports the following from one “Patrick Carroll”…

I decided to take six months off this year. I sold stock and did what I wanted for a blissful six months. I read books, drank good wine, watched my garden, got out my high-powered binocs and looked at the planets, hiked, cooked, ate well, just lived. I did so because I expect the crowd in power to destroy everything, so I thought I’d take a break before the deluge. Oh, and BTW, I balanced things so I can claim on losses when I do start actually earning again.

I see it as a sort of South-of-France John Galt Living-well approach to dealing with the current crowd. I’ve denied them current and future taxes, while enjoying an extended vacation.

Oh, I also bought guns (rifle, shotgun, pistol each for the wife and I), and have contracted with a local landscaping company to build a highly-defensible, nice-looking (fence/hedge combination) perimeter for my property.

Oh, and I bought water barrels. And a propane tank. And a generator.

This post above is by no means rare anymore as segment of successful Americans give up in the current economic/social/political environment.

th (9)There’s a problem though.  Going Galt usually means going survivalist, preparing to survive a societal breakdown on your own.  With the breakdown of American community culture, the rich and successful business owners live separate, and as the example above demonstrates are preparing to survive “separate”.

In chaos and breakdown no one does well.  The prepared may last longer, and the rich may have the resources to prepare better, but the end result is ugly for everyone, eventually.

What’s the solution?  If you feel a need to Go Galt, don’t absorb the capitalist maximalist message of Atlas Shrugged, rather work to build a productive community.  Prepare as a community. Help each other as a community.

In unstable times, we have a much better chance…together.

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  1. You missed the point of the book... they didn't "go survivalist" on their own. They founded what was essentially Kibbutz Gulch. Read it again!


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