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Are Angels Real?

by Reb Gutman Locks at Mystical Paths

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Dear Rabbi Gutman,

     I have a question. The Jewish sages claim that after the Tower of Babel the 70 nations with their 70 guardian angels were founded. Do these angels exist in our times, and if they do, are these angels enemies of Israel?

     In the Zohar Esau and Ishmael have guardian angels. Also, Ishmael has 12 sarim (princes). Perhaps these sarim are subordinated to the angel of Ishmael.

     A nation falls when the sar (prince) of that nation falls. The sar of Egypt in the story of Genesis fell when Israel was going through the Reed Sea.

     Esau has more than 12 princes/chieftains. Does this mean that the angel of Esau has lower (subordinated) sarim … for example, Europe, USA, Rome, etc. as Esau nations?

      I hope you are willing to send me an answer, despite I am not Jewish.

Dr. H. Dubbelman

Gutman’s Answer:

     First, understand that an angel is not a separate, independent, being. “Angel” in Hebrew means message. An angel is a message from G-d. The function of the angels that are over the 70 Nations is to bring to them G-d’s sustaining existence. The angels, so to speak, stand between G-d and the Nations. While Angels are “heavenly” (spiritual) entities, sarim (princes) usually refers to human leaders of the Nations. However, when sarim is used referring to the Nations it is actually referring to their angles, so in this case the sarim are spiritual entities.

     Jewish mystical writings explain that every person in the world, Jew or non Jew, male or female, free person or slave, can come to the spiritual level of ruach hakodesh (literally, “holy spirit”). It all depends on one’s deeds. Ruach hakodesh is the spiritual level just below Prophecy.

     This means that everyone has freewill. No one is forced to be evil, unless their preference and past is evil. Then, G-d will use that person as an emissary of evil.

     If on the other hand, although a person’s past is evil, he or she chooses to do good, then they will be given the opportunity to do good. Their angel will help them to do what their free will chooses. This means that their angel follows their desires, and is actually lowered or raised according to that nation’s actions.

     In the end of days (Redemption) almost all of the Nations will repent and will look to Jerusalem for leadership. They will support the Jewish State, and their angels will help them to do this.

     If you will keep the “Seven Commandments of Noah” you will be a righteous person. You will have a wonderful life in this world, and a share in the World to Come. You would be wise to learn them and treasure them as your passport to a good life. Check out such sites as

     I also recommend you seeing at least two of my videos, “Answers to a Pastor,” and “G-d is Everywhere.”

Be well,


The Viewer’s Reply:

     I thank you very much for your answers and advice. I wish you much success with your website etc. and I hope Israel and the Jewish people succeed and survive in the Middle East among the Muslim enemies and the anti-Semitic attitude of some European politicians/nations.

Dr. H. Dubbelman

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  1. Gutman, your article was fine until your advise. Let me explain to the readers the problems with your answers.

    According to the Talmud Avodah Zarah 64b and the Rambam, Yad, Melachim 8:10 'Every non-Jew is a son of the covenant of Noach and he who accepts it's obligations is a Geir Toshav.' Since B'nei Noach refers to all non-Jews, including Hitler, B'nei Noach is clearly improper nomenclature for geirim (or righteous Gentiles) and its completely nonsensical to argue the B'nei Noach have a portion in the haolam haba in defiance of the overwhelmin Scriptures that describe the fate of goyim.

    B'nei Noach are defined consistently in Avodah Zarah 64b, Sanhedrin 56a and Maimonides Guide for the Perplexed. B'nei Noach is synonymous with goyim.

    So since you miss use a teaching found protyped in the Christian book of Acts, it was intended for a starting point in order that goyim can interact with Jews, learn Torah and live as Torah observant Goyim. Only when they fully observe Torah, not the rabbinical version, will they then have a place in the world to come.


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