Wednesday, July 11, 2012

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What Is G-d’s Purpose?

by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths

Regarding my video, “G-d is Everywhere” someone asked:

     “My question is; what is the purpose of G-d? Please don’t say that His purpose is to give to us. I have heard you say that before. I believe that He wants to find out who He is, so he gave us freewill, in order to select those souls (parts of him) who try to reach to Him and get them back where they came from.”

Gutman responds:

     We can never understand the Infinite because we are finite. But we know that G-d is loving because He tells us to be loving. He tells us to be kind, generous, righteous, and so on, so we know that He is all these. But G-d Himself has no purpose for being. He is the being.

     We try to put our experience onto Him, and it doesn't fit. We say that He wants to understand Himself, because this is what we want. We say He has needs because we have needs.

     The main point is to look around and see how you can help those around you. Then, no matter what happens, you can always say that you did your best. And, even more importantly, you will enjoy life more, too.


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