Tuesday, July 24, 2012

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Spotted in Jerusalem, Really? Really??

Grabbed with a quick shot from my cell phone, a bus advert in Jerusalem.  Of particular note is the neighborhood in the background, Kiryat Belz.


It reads…

Start Celebrating Dude!


Strengthening Tablets for Men

(Hard to see on the photo – It’s Kosher!)

The neighborhood in the background, a charedi (ultra-orthodox) Jewish neighborhood, has an AVERAGE family size of 6-10 children per family.  And Israel, as a whole, has the highest average birthrate among Western nations in the world at 2.9 children per family.

Lets just say…not needed.  B”H, really really not needed.  Thank G-d.

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  1. I saw the ad yesterday in Bnei Brak and was really surprised that the boys had not torn it off yet. On the other hand, I love the innocence of Haredi that don't understand the connotations on the ad.


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