Wednesday, July 11, 2012

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Oh, Nuts!

by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths


     A commenter asked: “Could you give us your opinion of a raw food/fruitarian diet? What is your diet? How do you get your protein, etc?


     There are a number of places where the Torah tells us that one of the rewards of following G-d’s words is a long life, “…Man shall carry out and by which he shall live…”[i] “… So that your days will be lengthened.”[ii]

     In fact, we say that G-d is the “Life of all Worlds.”[iii] So it is only logical that we should do things that lengthen our days, and avoid things that shorten them. Therefore, since reports show that people who eat nuts everyday live longer than those who do not, it makes sense that we should eat nuts.

     The doctor tested my blood last year. He said, “You must eat healthy food. You have the blood count of a 20-year old!”

     I am not going to tell you how old I am, but I remember the last baseball game my father took me to. It was a couple of years before my bar mitzvah. It was “Babe Ruth day” and they gave him a car. (Got the idea?)

     Here goes; I do not eat meat or fish, although some fish is very healthy. I haven’t eaten meat since 1967. I eat one meal a day (younger people need more), early in the morning (after davening neitz) [sunrise prayers], and if I am hungry I will have a piece of fruit or whatever I feel like eating during the day.

     Every day I have; squeezed lemon juice into a container of water, a few walnuts, almonds, brazil nuts, a glass of dry red wine, fresh garlic, an apple, and usually a tomato, and a kol rabi (a vegetable).... Once a week I steam a serving of broccoli or spinach, oatmeal, eggs, or tofu. Sometimes I have a green onion, a fat free, or almost fat free yogurt (for calcium). Besides the lemon juice and wine, I drink coffee (3:00 in the morning so I can stay awake.)

     All this is during the week, but Shabbos (and leftovers on Sunday) are different. For Shabbos, I prepare a miso matzah ball soup, fresh salad, with an outrageous nutritional yeast flavored vinegar dressing, cheese lasagna, baked sweet potatoes, and cooked peas with carrots, with sautéed onions, garlic, and mushrooms. The guests love it! Oh, for them, I serve a great ice cream, too.

     Shabbos morning there is a cheese sandwich with mustard, sprouts, lettuce, tomato, avocado on a great whole wheat roll.

     That’s the most of it. I am not a health food nut and am not against eating a candy or a cookie from time to time.  I am sure that there are a bunch of things that I have forgotten, but you get the idea from this.

     As for the raw food fruitarian diet; besides the hardship that it usually imposes for lack of necessary vitamins and minerals, I have a spiritual problem with it. G-d gave us this wonderful Land to live in. He loves this Land very much, and He calls it the “Land of Milk and Honey.” Seems like a great reason to eat milk and honey.

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  1. Hi Reb Locks,

    How about some recipes?
    The Miso Matza ball soup sounds great!



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