Sunday, July 29, 2012


Not the Temple Mount

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths


The Israeli police face an impossible job of trying to balance competing religious demands in Jerusalem while trying to keep the peace and status quo.  That is, of course, the main job of police everywhere…to keep things orderly and peaceful.

One would hope the goal of Israeli police would be to facilitate Israeli sovereignty and allow Jewish practice.  If so, one’s hope would be misplaced.

Today the Israeli police closed the Temple Mount, Har HaBayit, and Al Aqsa to Jewish visitation (actually to all visitation except for Muslim worshippers).  On Tisha B’Av, in a modern State of Israel, Jews can’t visit the Temple Mount.

As a Jew living in Israel, I find that outrageous and upsetting.  That’s not an indictment of the Israeli police, their job is to do whatever it takes to “keep the peace”.  And if that means stopping Jews from visiting Har HaBayit because Muslims might take advantage of the day to “start up”, or Jewish provocateurs may do the same, then the police will shut it down.  Because their goal is not to allow or facilitate anything, it’s to keep the peace – regardless of the sensibilities they may stomp on to do so.

That sucks.  But it’s not the police’s fault, it’s the politicians.  If we expect Jewish rights to be strengthened, we must push the Israeli politicians to do so.

For we will either state and push our claim…or lose it.  And since our claim to the Temple Mount is the same as our claim to Israel itself, losing it is a really bad idea. 

(If one pays attention to the British news, they’ll already see exactly this attitude: that Jews have NO RIGHT to ANY of the Land of Israel, and have stolen it from the poor disenfranchised Palestinians.)


  1. Sorry, it's the police's fault. The politicians do not really care.

    The police regularly decide to ban Jews from certain places and claim they cannot be defended, or it would take too much personnel. The Jewish cemetery on Mt of Olives is regularly vandalised and Jews are continually stoned in 'East' Jerusalem. Recently, when two MKs wanted to check out the situation themselves on foot, the police banned the tour under the premises of keeping the peace. Only when they were kindly reminded by the speaker of the Knesset that an Israeli is allowed to go wherever they want, including two MKs with Knesset immunity, they had to give in.

    The police wanted to totally ban all Jews from the Temple Mount (besides the fact that some poskim forbid Jews from going up) under the pretense of keeping the peace and saving the world from Muslim outrage. The police finally had to give in when the courts reluctantly forced them to, but the police then banned any Jewish prayer, including opening your mouth in prayer. If you are caught by the cops escorting the Jews, or if one of the Muslims watching over the groups sees someone say some prayer and rats to the cops, you are violently kicked off and banned.

    But lo and behold, Jews began trickling up and many now go up regularly. Jews find ways to insert prayer into the tours. A recent tour saw people prostrating on the stone ground (done only in the Temple) and no uproar, no Muslim Jihad opened on Israel.

    Halavi, that the police fully took on their jobs as Jewish policemen and exercised Jewish sovereignty everywhere in Jerusalem including the Temple Mount, Judaism's holiest site.

  2. It's forbidden to go there.

  3. Anonymous,

    Many disagree, including some top halachic authorities. (Yes, the majority agree, but it's not clear cut "it's forbidden".)


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