Wednesday, July 04, 2012

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Israel Jewish Demographics

A reader, wishing to be anonymous, sent me some demographic statistics on Israel in regard to the article Giving Up on the Future…

th (2)It's amazing how many people don't realize that the Jewish birthrate in Israel is rising (and not only amongst the Hareidim [the ultra-orthodox religious Jews who usually avoid birth control as religiously undesirable and often having families of 5 or more children], but also amongst other sectors including the traditional/non-religious) and the Arab birthrate plummeting. All the projections for Israel's demographics were based on the assumption of a very high Arab birthrate and a European style Jewish birthrate. The reality has turned out to be exactly the opposite.

eg: "Instead of the 907,000 births predicted by the PCBS for the seven years from 1997–2003, we found consistent evidence from Palestinian agencies that actual births 308,000 fewer than forecast." (NY Times)

Similarly here’s another report regarding “the demographic scare”.

Furthermore, in addition to the actual birthrates being very different from those projected, the current ratio of Jews and Muslims in all of Israel have been distorted, by the count of a fictitious million and half Arabs who only exist in a figment of the well oiled imagination of the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics.   This has been proven by impartial, professional demographers.  Palestinian immigration forecasts have also been wildly exaggerated.

In short, BS”D demographics in Israel strongly point to a strong, sustainable Jewish majority in all of Israel.

So whilst you are correct that each person has to do their bit, even if it seems illogical, it is no longer "illogical" as we are already living in our Jewish future. Unfortunately, interested parties in Israel (and amongst the Palestinians) are doing their best to present the opposite picture, precisely to create a sense of hopelessness.


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