Friday, July 06, 2012


Bullets at Jews in Manchester

This event was reported about 4 days ago, but the details were not.  Here’s a report from a friend in Manchester, England…

Two arabs shot (at least one, maybe more) live bullets in the vicinity of Shaarei Torah Manchester on Sunday, July 1 early in the morning [about 2 o clock am] when a few bochurim were still shmoozing outside.

Boruch HaShem no-one was hurt. The bochurim got the number plate of the Arabs' car and - so far as I heard - the police apprehended the villains.

Naturally this will be reported as a minor local crime, not as a hate crime or attack upon Jews.  Here’s the official news quote…

(Jewish Chronicle) Two 17 year old boys (thugs with guns targeting a Jewish religious institution are just “boys”) from Broughton, Manchester, have been arrested on suspicion of possessing and discharging a firearm after an incident in the early hours of this morning when a gun was fired near the Yeshiva in Upper Park Road, Broughton.

The incident is not being treated as a hate crime or antisemitic.

Chief (Police) Superintendent Kevin Mulligan said: "There are increased police patrols in the area and we are working with the local community, partners and the CST to reassure the community. It is believed at this time, the incident does not relate to terrorism, the ongoing terrorism trial or organized crime activity."

Random shooting of Arabs at Jews, not anti-semitic.  Check.


  1. I hear you. There are increased anti-semitic hate crimes being committed allover-especially in Europe. definitely not a good sign and one that seems to be growing unfortunately.
    Shabbat Shalom.

  2. OK Leah, true, but they had never stopped. I am not sure they increased either: before the internet there was no coverage of antisemite attacks, including violent ones, on the nonjewish mass media. Now we hear more about it.


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