Friday, July 06, 2012

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Administrivia – Disappearing Comments

Here at Mystical Paths we use Blogger’s built in comment system.  Some time back Blogger added automatic Spam filters to the system.

We rarely delete comments.  But the Blogger comment Spam filter does grab some and mark them as spam.

If you comment and don’t see it appear immediately, it means the Spam filter has grabbed it.  Unfortunately, the comment alerting system to the blog editor (sent via email) does NOT mark that a comment has been identified as Spam – so we have no easy way of telling if a comment is set aside.

Since we don’t log in to Blogger regularly (we post via posting tools), we don’t notice Spam marked comments. 

If your comment disappears, please email us to let us know to check for it.

Thank you,
the Editor


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