Tuesday, June 05, 2012


You Can Do More Than I Can!

at the Western Wall with Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths

image003     Pictured here is a very nice Israeli man who moved to Israel from Greece when he was just 6 months old. He was as stubborn as Israelis can be. He refused to put on tefillin. He was warm, but oh so insistent. I tried everything. I asked him if he had ever put them on before.

     He answered, “Once.” He thought back over his life and added, “Maybe twice.”

      “Then why not do it now? You can do something that I cannot do. When I put on tefillin, Hashem looks and He approves, but really it’s no big deal. After all, it is only normal for a man in my position to put on tefillin. But you, you haven’t put them on in so many years. If you do it, G-d will really listen to your prayers.” He didn’t budge, not in the least. Then I asked, “How old are you?”

     He answered, “How old do you think I am?”

    I looked at him and said, “You were born in ’35 or ’34.”

    He said, ’34.”

    “Okay, so I told you how old you are so now you have to put on tefillin. I unbuttoned his shirt sleeve and quickly slipped the tefillin on his arm. He didn’t resist.

     After he read the Shema, and prayed for his family, I took his video camera and began videoing him. He spoke so eloquently, mentioning tefillin, and the Kotel, and being a Jew. It was so warm to see. His family is going to love seeing that video. It is going to affect their lives.

     Look what happened here. A warm, loving Jew, who was raised with the idea that you have to reject religion, gave in to a “clever salesman,” and when he did his soul overflowed. All of this is within all Jewish people. Sometimes, it just takes a little ingenious pulling to get it to come out.

     When I took the tefillin off his arm he asked, “Why did you do this…, for the mitzvah?

     “No,” I answered, “It’s your mitzvah, not mine. I did it for you. I love you. You are a very special person.”

     He smiled warmly, and insisted, “No, you are the very special person.”


  1. Gutman, why are you so proud of Jews performing a rabbinical commandment? Anyone who truly has studied know without a doubt that tefillin are rabbinical. You know my stance that it is completely an incorrect interpretation. So forget that, but the rabbi's interpretation is just that, an interpretation, thus it's not a commandment from God.

    What little bit of Heaven do you bring down to earth when you push this? Does the rabbinical commandment of tefillin really change Jews behaviour? History proves that it certainly does not but shows who is loyal to the establishment.

    So Gutman, what's the schtick really about? Obeying that of men or making the world a better place for you and me?

  2. Shiloh- please elaborate

  3. Well, Shilo, how do YOU do "ukshartam l'ot al yadecha..."?

  4. In regards to Shilo's comments. It is nothing new for him; he comments everywhere with contempt towards Torah B'Al Peh. Essential that someone replies because he commits a chilul Hashem by his diatribes against Torah B'al Peh. He only accepts the written Torah (B'chtav). Believe he is a Karaite or whatever; otherwise, what reason would he have for his disdain towards the Oral Law? Both the Written and Oral Torah were given at Sinai. If he doesn't get that, it's no use trying to convince him of the truth, but at least we can now see from where he is coming.

  5. Chillul haShem when someone knows that Moshe never mentioned it, nor anyone after in the entire Tanach. I state for Jews and Goyim to live by the directive of the Torah and Tanach, Gods words and I commit chillul haShem. That's laughable to say the least. I find it also laughable that after 2200 years of disaster after disaster you sheeple won't wake up to the fact that it is NOT working for the Jewish people as a whole. We have not reached the geulah and by teaching Jews to follow more takanot of men will bring it is actually contrary to the teaching of Moshe.

    There is nothing wrong with commentaries of the Tanach, they are simply NOT from God. They can error and history is proving this to be the case along with the behaviour of the sheeple whom are to be the light unto the Nations. Not the flickering wick waiting to be blown out. We need to act like the light, not like the opposite.


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