Sunday, June 17, 2012


Who Are They Addressing?

by Reb Aharon Rubin on Mystical Paths

(Photo of a billboard on the way into Manhattan, New York, USA)

I just wonder who they are addressing and what kind of person do they think is going to take notice? A person who is aware of holiness? Such a person no doubt is already naturally careful at what he looks at and probably wouldn't see the billboard either. A person not in touch with holiness? Putting up such a notice is like scratching a boil he hadn't noticed.

I wonder under whose auspices such a billboard was erected. We are instructed to keep a low profile in golus. Unfortunately, today a low profile amongst frum Jews is the exception from the rule [or so I have been led to believe - please correct me if i am wrong).

Such a billboard might even be viewed as a Chillul of G-d's Name Chas VeSholom, but it definitely makes Jews stand out and that is not a good thing. Light and truth do not need to shout out in order to be seen.

This is unfortunately a wide-spread problem: it needs to be addressed.

Going round in a car with a loudspeaker announcing a levaya HaShem yerachem, is not on, not in a place where gentiles are living> It's not right to have loud music blearing late at night or till the early hours of the morning. It's their land - we are the guests and it's up to us to behave that way.

There is a big difference between not being ashamed of one's Jewishness and acting without shame, without tsnius - modesty, modesty in behavior. We see that Yaakov Ovinu took pains that he and his sons should not stand out amongst their neighbors even when those neighbors were idolaters. All the more so today, when a lot of our host nation population recognize G-d.

It's high time this problem was addressed and I pray it's not too late.


  1. They are addressing to millions Jews world wide who are visiting and residing at NYC. NYC is the one of the best cities in the world where Jews can observe 100% not to afraid go with talet on him and even wearing tefilin on the streets. Moreover all parking regulations are suspended on all Jewish holidays, goyim happy when is Jewish holidays because many of them have days off. I always pray for my city where I live that nothing bad happen. Amen!

  2. My suggestion to you, please concentrate on your problems where you live, you have a lot of them and live the diaspora for us, we will handle it, ok?

  3. Interesting outlook. You might start enforcing the law of the majority in Lod, in Akko, in Haifa. Or in Umm-al-Fahm.

  4. The author of this article lives in England.

  5. regards to the author

  6. This is a problem for Jews and goyim. Why is this rabbi afraid of educating the masses? I have a problem in my shul in which the leadership 'lives and let lives' and refuses to educate and guide. Something about A) being afraid of looking to give musar, B) want to appear they accept all types. I think this leads to many people continuing to do even small things that could be easily corrected.

    The Xians also have a program where they teach their men (young and old) to "bounce their eyes" when they see poorly dressed women IRL or pictures. They are not embarrased about this, and perhaps they could team up and generate a parve project for everyone. I saw a documentary about their efforts. These Xians even recommend 'extremist' ideas that you ask the front desk to remove the tv from your hotel room.

  7. There is also an inyan of chizuk. There is no limit of chizuk, even to religious people.


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