Monday, June 04, 2012


If We're Going to Clean House...

by Rabbi Nati at Mystical Paths  

Internet is a problem, if not filtered or used right. For the sights and sounds can strip away a child's innocence (or even an adult's!) It can cause us to waste time and to get involved in all the wrong things, but it can also bring us information and help us save lives - it's all in the way "we" use it. 

But we the fail to see an even bigger problem: cigarettes! And it has no positive value at all!  And then there is the cancer of Molestation (Hashem yishmor). These two are rooted in Atheism.

It has been paskened here in Israel, and by other leading Rabbam, that smoking pasuls one for aeidus!

And furthermore, one that is pasul aeidus is forbidden to be relied upon. "He is mumar b'terevon!" Anyone with an addiction is in this classification and cannot hold a position of authority.
 He cannot be a Rav, shochet, mohel, or sofer. This I was told by Rabbi Yaakov Yosef, shlita, son of Rav Ovadiah Yosef, shlita, who told me this as well. 

Think about for one minute, if (G-d forbid) an Arab came with a knife to kill our children, we would gang up and fight to the death to save them! But a cheder rebbe with a cigarette is worse! He poisons our child with the second hand smoke and poisons him by setting the wrong example! How many yeshiva bochrim have learned this and fallen into this addiction.

So you smoke and can not quit, get help! In the mea time, step down for you shouldn't occupy a position in which you have to be relied upon.

Not a Dayan, rabbi, yeshiva rebbe, shochet, mohel, or sofer, let alone any one who comes in contact with our children such as a driver of school transportation. Smoking should be no where near our children. This is a disease and danger of the worst level. Only because it's "slow speed", we don't see the immediate effect, do we ignore this.

As long as we are cleaning house, let's get rid of things directly and clearly poisoning us!



    not to mention the rabbis and shochedim and sofer who are molesters they are treif and their work is assur
    so make sure your sofer moel rav shochet are not smoking molesters

  2. So look the burden of what is treif is on us, the consumer! So we need to really check out the Dyanim, espeacially in australia and of course Cha-bad, all the Rabbeim, shochtim moelim and rebbe's of chedars to make sure they are "nonsmoking non-molesters, non-extortionist, guttons before we use they services


  4. can you translate for those who need it?

    posuls (one for) aidus
    mumar b'terevon


  5. iran close hormuz July 1 10th tammuz

  6. I have always known that about smokers. They are weak minded and not reliable. You are correct Reb Nati, it's time the consumer cleans house!

    But it must be done with sechel.

  7. Who is going to check the dayanim in Australia? I could write a book....

  8. Yes -- we need a Tobacco Asifa! Whom can we contact about this? Can we enlist some gedolim? That would be a great kiddush Hashem, and really save lives.

    An event promoting strictness with the laws of Yichud as they involve children would be nice, because if people followed the laws of Yichud, I believe that molestation wouldn't happen.

  9. Yishai, you can outlaw anything. Nothing, absoulutly nothing will change until our hearts are corrected. The Torah is clear on relationships, and making laws or halachot is silly when people cannot follow the simplicity of the Torah of Moshe in the first place. Stop playing games and really ignoring the Torah of Moshe and then you will see real change.

  10. Please correct the main warning to reflect that the issue is about regular smokers and not casual smokers who might have a post-Shabbat cigarette or something infrequent.


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