Monday, June 25, 2012

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Teshuvah and Personal Exile

by Reb Nati @ Mystical Paths

Teshuvah - the way out of Galus Prati - ‘personal exile’.

When it comes to Yishmoel, he equals Pere Odom, ”rebellion”, for this is his base mida.  We know the tikun , the ‘spiritual repair’, is learning and teaching of Jewish law, the codes ‘Shuchan Aruch’.   Thus there is no need for tanks, jet fighters, or missiles let alone soldiers. There is a spiritual way to combat all this, and it is far less expensive.

Just think of all the poor we could help if we today stopped spending on weapons which only deal with the symptom and do not cure the disease. Just think what the world would be like without any weapons and no war we could end all suffering. This is the holy job of the Jews to bring heaven to earth and to see with spiritual eyes the needs of others and to provide the cure.

Reb Noson of Breslev, zt”l told us on his very last day of life that there are three things we must practice to be considered shassidim of Rebbenu Nachman of Breslev, tz”l. They just so happen to be the very same things which free us from the bondage of the galus, of the three kilpot that hold us back from total connection to Hashem.

Kesher to the Tzaddik, come to the grave of Rebbe as per the instructions of Rebbe Nachman. Which is bitul,  the opposite of Esav.

Learn Shuchan Aruch, a minimum of two halachot a day.

And Hisbodedut, spend at least one hour in secluded personal prayer each and every day.

You may ask why these things and not some other mitzvot…

As we have mentioned previously the nature of the kilpot are based on evil traits that their human counterparts possessed. Esav, ga’a’va, Extreme Arrogance. Yishmael, ‘Pere Odom’ unrestrained rebellion. And the Erev Rov, ‘Kiferah’ sorcery or heresy, total delusion from the truth.

This being known, we can now know from the news what we need to work on…

In Israel we are now under threat of Arab invasion, nullification of the State by the western nations and the de-Torah-ifcation of the Jews by the Erev Rav. We do not need to build and deploy the latest super weapons to protect ourselves, the ‘Iron Dome’ is nothing compared to the shield we from the spiritual our father in heaven. The Merkavah 4 is a nice toy, but it’s not the best choice in our arsenal. The Negev, the F-16, is all of no use for they only treat the symptom.

We need not succumb and surrender to the U.N. nor do we need to demonstrate against he government. We need to cancel all this out at its source, its spiritual source. “Some rely on chariots and others on horses and the strong legs of man are no guarantee of victory”. But we will trust only in Hashem.

So the Super weapon that is the most successful against the Yishmaelim is to study and teach the Codes the Shulchan Aruch. This is the only 100% proven weapon to counter Arab terrorism. Submission to the codes is the exact opposite of rebellion from Torah so it is the cure at the root cause for this problem. Being connected and bitul to a Tzaddik is the cure for arrogance, neutralizing the Esavian western nations, and Hisbodedut, is the ultimate cure for heresy thus a complete destruction of the Erev Rov.

We need to understand it’s up to us!

There is only one way to repair what we and our forefathers have damaged. It is only in the realm of the spirtual that we can effect repairs. And the medicine for this generation are the words of Rebbe Nachman of Breslev,  for he said himself that his Torah was not for his generation ‘200 years ago’ but for the last generation.

So here we are.  Are we going to leave this mess for our children and grandchildren (if the world can bear it that long)?

We have the cure…know if you can damage then you can also repair.  Rebbe Nachman says “there is no such thing as despair at all in the world”  Know for sure we can fix it, but to do so we must change how we look at it.


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