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by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

On a mountain top just north west of Jerusalem is the home town and holy burial place of the biblical prophet Samuel, Shmuel HaNavi.


A building has been built over the site (as you can see), and a mosque prayer tower attached.  Why are the muslims praying at a Jewish holy site, I have no idea.

The building is large, yet Jews and the general public are restricted to a small room in the basement (pictures of that later).


As you can see below, the entrance room is huge but unused and in general disrepair.



The sign there says it all, but still doesn’t make sense…



Prophet Samual Mosque.  There is no prophet samuel in Islam (as far as I know???)  Here’s the inside of their space, which is locked, gated, and chained (though I think there’s a person in there!)…


As you can see it’s a large and nicely architected space.  Unfortunately it’s reserved for muslim use only.  And that’s not why we stopped by.  We stopped by to daven (pray) at the Kever (holy tomb) of Shmuel HaNavi (the biblical prophet Samuel).  We pray that in the merit of the holy prophet, Hashem should open the gates of prayer to our requests…

If you go past the entrance way, down the hall, down the stairs and down the stairs again, you come to a little room open to for Jewish use and the general public.  (A non-Jewish tour group stopped by while I was there, having only access to the same area.)


As we leave, here’s a panoramic view of Jerusalem from Kever Shmuel…


And a view of the surrounding ruins of the ancient home town of Shmuel.



  1. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  2. Very nice pictures. Thank you. The Muslims have 'adopted' all our Biblical Holy ancestors' burial sites as their own. This is the spiritual war we are in. They are fighting to revise the yerusha of Yitzchak and Yaacov Avinu. They are in a batle to retake our Land. While they are also Avraham's children, they don't want second place.

    It's amazing how the Arabs' fight for what they perceive as rightfully theirs transports us into the era of our Avos almost on a daily basis.

  3. - Seventh photo down of the locked room where you think there is a person. Perhaps that is a reflection on the glass of you; it looks like someone taking a photo?

    - The excellent book "Jewish Holy Sites and Tombs in Eretz Yisrael" by Michelson. Milnr and Salomon says that this tomb was recaptured by the IDF in the Six Day War on 28 Iyar, which is the Yahrzeit of Shmuel Ha Navi's death.

  4. Howard, if you look again, it sort of looks like a person is lying there on a bench...maybe?


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