Monday, June 11, 2012


Proper focus

by Reb Nati at Mystical Paths

 Do not become Distracted for a moment, you might miss it!
 Yom sheini parshas shelach lekha 5772

To my brothers and sisters;
As we draw closer to the days of the Geulah all of us need to be careful, especially now, to remember the World to Come everyday, both in the general and in the particular details of our lives. This is an obligation for every person, no matter who he may be, through everything that happens to him.

'Everything that happens to a person everyday is all hints from Hashem to draw him closer, from where ever that person may be. For Hashem contracts Himself from Absolute Infinity into the minutest details of our lives IE.Creation' (likutey Moharan I, 54).

Remember this well and guard this memory vigilantly each day just remembering it is very good do not become distracted. Just know also that all the great unrest and upset of the tempest that the world has become, has risen up against us all as a result of envy, Ayin HaRa. They know their time is short and they still rage against us! Even as their own are being destroyed they march on us with hatred and fury! And know this is all stirred up against the True Tzaddik, who is working to remind the world, and specifically us of the World to come.  For there is no one who speaks about and works for this the way he does.

Understand this well! 

For those of us who understand, that at any rate, we have been recused, through Hashem's wondrous mercy and kindness, from opposing the truth and attacking him, it is incumbent upon each one of us to accustom ourselves to walk in his Holy pathways and to remember the World to Come, Olam Haba every day.

This will suffice for now for the one who desires Truth.

With blessings and waiting on salvation.
Reb Nati


  1. by the True Tzaddik is it meant HaRav Arush?

  2. It brings to mind the painting of Avraham Avinu uniting the four worlds. He was standing there in the present and seeing the past, the future and G-ds' time all at once. Surely, this is always accessable, but we just don't see it.

    this how close we are to geulah it will come by chodesh tammuz

  4. Yitz, you won't know the true tzadik. Any in all reality you won't like what he will have to say.

  5. Shiloh,

    Who am I to judge? I was just asking for a clarification of the vague post.. i don't feel like vague posts are helpful. But again, that's just me.

    ps. I hope I will merit to like the True Tzaddik, and what he has to say.
    pps. I like everything else HaShem and all of His tzaddikim have said so far..whether I can live up to it is a separate issue.


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