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The Proper focus or "The Road to Reality"

by Reb Nati at Mystical Paths

This is a continuation of my last post, "Proper focus"
The Road to Reality begins with the mind. The most important aspect of a person and the reflection of ones true self, the self that will inherit the world to come is the the mind, for it is the true essence of the soul, or "Spiritual Awareness" thus we must guard it, least we contaminated it, with the impure.  In effect we must guard our "Spiritual awareness" thus we will be sensitive to Hashem, this is what is required if we want to recognize Him. This is the whole of the Torah to know that He is KeL 'G-D'. This is Truth!

Truth is by the way, all exclusive all inclusive, and in order. We know this by way of ReMeS hints form the word אמת EMeS. The Hebrew word is made up of the three letters ALeF BeiS, the first the middle and the last thus inclusive. The truth is always in order never mixed up ever! Thus in order. and Exclusive because if you chop it up we are left with SHeKeR lie, one truth chopped into one hundred pieces is 100% lie, for example, if we take out the ALeF א we are left with  מת if we take away ALeF which stands for the Name of Hashem ELoKiM then we are left with MeM TaV or the word MeS or death, so take Hashem out of the truth and it leaves only death. (OK back to the topic)

It is very important to  constantly guard one's awareness, or "memory" of the spiritual realms, and not to fall prey to spiritual forgetfulness, which is the "death of the heart". 'Therefore, as soon as a person gets up in the morning, He should contemplate that spiritual reality'. The totality of the the MiTZVoT are this to end, "to bring us to a true awareness of who we are and what is expected from us", to be aware of the Creator, "Hashem". Throughout the day, he should strive to understand the hints Hashem sends him in his thoughts, speech and deeds on how to serve Him. A person who thinks he understands these hints might mistakenly wish to restrict himself to 'this-worldly' matters through which Hashem guides him. But this would be improper, for two reasons. first, this would be risky in that holiness in this world is surrounded by the 'KiLPoT'. Secondly there are better ways of serving Hashem i.e. through Torah and prayer. At any rate people as a whole lack the ability to understand Hashem's hints. However, the world we live in is permeated with this process, an occurs automatically, when we sleep wear TZiTZiT and TeFiLiN, learn Torah, pray and even when we engage in business.

Let me explain a few of these. when we sleep our souls ascends and  is one with the world to come. The MiTZVoT of TZiTZiT and TeFiLiN correspond to the spiritual greatness and expansiveness. The Torah which we learn is Ha ETZ CHaiM literally 'The Tree of Life, which contains and provides all sustenance, there is more than enough for everyone to receive what he needs.We only need to believe it and function as if we do to for it to be manifest in this world. Prayer is how we deal with this-worldly life, and is the SiNoRoT SHeFaH, 'the conduit' to receive both material and spiritual, and the only way to connect to holiness in this world. And lastly Business. It is through this interaction that we redeem the NiTZaTZoT HaKeDuSH 'The Sparks of Holiness' this is the spiritual power of the Holy letters which were broken and fell into and which are scattered throughout the world. this is our primary function to redeem and to rectify. Ill give you a MuSHaL. 'an example', Money, "it is by the way, the biggest virtual reality on the face of the planet it's value we assign to it, as in itself it is totally worthless", we receive it an according to the sparks that correspond to the root of our soul, not by working by the way, these objects i.e. the money, we receive that are common to our soul's root we now receive the vitality from the broken letters that are contained in that particular object, as a result those letters are absorbed into our life force and are made whole. when we are finished rectifying the letters that pertain to our soul's level at the time the object i.e. the money it is passed on to others and the process continues. sometimes the object returns to the person because his soul has developed over course of time and now he can elevate/rectify other letters that he was unable to previously.

 In order to guard our awareness of spiritual reality, we must protect himself from the evil eye, which corresponds to "death of the heart" and the shattering of the Tablets.In particular we must guard our own eyes from being deceived by false Imagination, Which is brought on by the NeFeSH BeCHeMiuS 'the animal soul' and its traits. for animals to have imagination. Such false imagination is brought by disbelief, like that of speaking slander, and as a result falls into animalistic cravings. From this state his animalistic traits and imagination grow stronger. He then falls, instead of loving and serving Hashem he then experiences animalistic desires. Such false imagination seeks a container, a GuF, a body, to enter.

Therefore it goes into people who create HaLaKHiC 'legal rulings' insights. Holy Torah insights create Heaven and Earth, bringing about SHeFaH  V'BRaCHa 'abundance and blessing' for the whole world. Should Torah insights be created through false imaginative faculty,HaS V'SHaLoM  Hashem forbid, then vain heavens are thus created , bringing both spiritual and physical famine into the world. We see this today, with recent rulings, by the Erev Zeir in NYC, this energy of the false imagination was created at twilight after the the sixth day of creation and remained with out a body. Thus it seeks a body in which to rest. It therefore goes to those who learn HaLaKHaH and who can create realities with their words of Torah, in hope that a body will be created for it to enter. The KiLPoT always seek out KeDuSHa to feed from.

This is from Reb Noson's likutey tefilot "A person can over come this false imaginative faculty through a NiGGuN, chassidic tune, joyous music, which can even inspire prophecy. Understand a musical instrument gather together air RUaCH i.e. wind or "spirit" Initially it contains a mixture of both good and evil, a depressed, evil spirit and a good holy spirit of prophecy. A person who contains both these spirits can not experience prophecy.A holy person or musician separates the good spirit of prophecy from the depressed spirit. He thus builds a tune of joy. and when a prophet hears this tune he receives a spirit of prophecy. Depression strengthens false imagination. A depressed spirit blurs the clarity of the good spirit of prohecy, of spiritual "memory", clinging to the supernal reality. Playing joyful music brings forth the good spirit, overcoming the RuACH BiLBuL 'spirit of false imagination', a RuACH RA the evil spirit, the RuACH TZuSS 'the spirit of foolishness'. This is what causes men to sin, for it is written "man would not sin if it were not for a spirit of foolishness has entered him".Therefore the harp hanging over the bed of  MeLeCH DoViD's bed would begin to play a holy tune at midnight. Midnight is an ideal time to strengthen oneself to arise and serve Hashem".

We will return with more on "The Road to Reality"
Reb Nati


  1. Respectfully, I think it's healthy for nations to experience a bout of Depression occasionally.

  2. Kedem Wisdom:

    "There is no earthly bliss not watered by tears..."


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