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Out of the Matrix

by Reb Nati at Mystical Paths

Chodesh Tov, Sh’Vuah Tov.

Shishi parshas Korach

As we go through the parsha of each week we should realize that everything about any of us and for sure the goings on around us, ‘world events’, are all included in them. The past, present and future are all inside. All we have to do is decipher it.

So there is no real News, yet we are flooded with media news entertainment that serves only to distract us from the truth. The spiritually alert will find the truth even in the mundane news of the world.  And in the news we find the very things we need to work on.

I’m not a fan of going to the news. My rav, Rabbi Shalom Arush, shlita, said it causes a defect in our Emunah. “Why should we go and search the lies to find the truth?”

We shouldn’t, but the Tzaddik can hear or see in the news the truth of what is really going on by understanding the message hidden in the lies.

There is a revelation of G-dliness in the mundane, ‘seeing past the Hester Panim’ or the hiding of the face.

What I’m referring to is the ability to understand from the events and conversations we have every day, and to perceive from them the messages ‘prophesy a direct communication from Hashem.’  The Gemara hints at this principle (Baba Batra 12b) ”For from the day the Holy temple was destroyed, prophesy was taken away from the prophets and given to children and mad men”. Prophesy meaning Hashem’s communication with us, i.e. showing us where we have gone wrong and what direction we need to take. So the Gemara calls all these events ‘the prophesy of mad men and children’, because now we can only receive Heavenly guidance from these everyday events and we for the most part and they are not aware of it, for they have their own ideas of what they are telling us and why. Yet everything we are told or experience has an underlying message which is for our own good.

The main thing to know that it whatever you hear see or experience, whether from from someone close to you or someone distant, and especially your wife and the members of your household, all of this is the WORD OF HASHEM.  It is mainly through these communications that we receive the direction to help us with our spiritual perfection.

We can know and understand what we need to fix by or through our everyday experiences. So what’s in the News that applies to me and you and us as a nation and a people?

It would seem that the whole of the world is screaming at us ‘The Jews’ to do T’shuvah.

But for now we still live for the most part in spiritual blindness. We are now under three different kilpot of Galus. Edom, Yishmael, and Erev Rov.

In Israel, our holy Rebbeim are telling us of an Arab invasion, the ‘Erev Rav’ government is telling us of an imminent Iranian nuclear threat. And the United Nations ‘of Esav’ are squeezing the life out of us.  In the U.S., the Federal Reserve is struggling to avoid a financial collapse.

With all of this going on and with the next day bringing with it untold stress we have no idea what is about to happen. OK, so now we know what midot we need to work on, by the messages we receive. ‘And in any case we still just have to be Jewish’.

Over and over again we read the words in the Torah, “if you will harken today”, “if you will listen today”, we are told that we can only serve Hashem today, not yesterday and not tomorrow - only TODAY is our service valid. For yesterday lies in the realm of arrogance, i.e. “I did” or “we did” - we rarely hear the words Hashem did, it seems to be human nature to take credit for all our past accomplishments.

This is pure arrogance and is the base mida of Esav, the western nations, the “UN”. We must free ourselves of this base nature if we want to serve Hashem for Hashem says “I and the arrogant cannot live together.” So Hashem leaves them without a blessing, i.e. only enough sefa spiritual bounty to leave them alive but no more.
The base mida of Esav is Ga’ava, “ego centric unbridled arrogance”, the most destructive force of all and is the bases for all Avoda Zora and heresy.

The second problem arises from dwelling on tomorrow. We literally cause the concealment of the Creator and by this cause much suffering. Our worries and longing for a better tomorrow are full of all our materialistic cravings which stems from our inherent atheistic attitude.  We all have it, not one of us are completely free of this and it is a daily fight to overcome this. This attitude is one of “we don’t believe in divine providence, we do not understand that all comes from and originates with Him.” This is Kifirah! This is the grave sin of k’fui tovah baseless ungratefulness, and comes about through ‘Bakchiyan’ baseless complaints.

The realm of The Erev Rav, and their base mida of Kifirah -Heresy, sorcery to the point of delusion. A total distraction to the point of not living in reality. This ”we will” do tomorrow attitude, and by my might or my savvy or by our military or financial prowess I will overcome, by my intellect, or money or political power or my wisdom, again a total lack acknowledgement of Hashem. This leads to total spiritual death over time, for it is a willful disconnection form the truth that Hashem runs every detail of everything in creation The Tzimtzum is such that He is inside every minute detail of everything that exists in the world, and that causes us to become deluded. It us who hide Him, by not acknowledging and revealing, that it is Hashem that is everything ‘Ain Od Milvado! Thus concealing Him from ourselves and the world.

Now the only area we really need to deal with is today for if today we will listen and not rebel, and keep the Torah, then we will have repaired the yesterdays and not broken the tomorrows, and after many of these we become free to live a life totally dedicated to Hashem. An Emunah filled life of freedom to serve Him without regrets of the yesterdays ‘Esav’ and without the worries of tomorrow ‘Erev Rav’. And this leaves us only with today and with this we only have to deal with Yisroel.

(to be continued)

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  1. Very interesting that you know this. It's true.


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