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by Dov bar Leib on Mystical Paths

horoscopeblogThe Mazal for the month of Siwan is the Twins.  Like the entire zodiac, the various mazalot are really channels of G-d bringing down his tZiDKut to the world in 12 or 13 separate portions in the course of the year.  (See the word ZoDiaK in tZiDKut.  It really is the same shoresh.)

So the month of Siwan is the ultimate choice between Good and Evil, everlasting Life and everlasting Death. 

Our two inclinations for good and evil are really equal in size and scope, creating true tests of moral free will where the benefits of one over the other are really equally appearing choices.  One definitely has more immediate gratification.  Living in a world of constantly seeking positive world approval is definitely in the category of immediate gratification. 

Then there is the higher soul of the thoughtful Lonely Man of Faith, who sees infinite Truths that 99% of humanity might choose to ignore.  Believe it or not this is an equally powerful choice and is the only choice that will attach one's soul to the Eternal. 

Nothing less than this is the choice that the members of the Israeli Knesset have this Wednesday.  The good news is that either way, the signs seem to be aligning such that the Geulah will be here by Tisha B'Av.  We can either choose the more sunlit road of enlightened Truth or the depraved road of groveling before World Public Opinion.  I hope that we choose the former rather than the latter this full moon of Siwan where this choice is most pronounced. 

Either way we should be properly equipped no matter which road the Klipah Noga (the Knesset) might choose on the day of the Noga Transit.  Klipah Noga, unlike the other klipot, can be attached to sanctity as easily as it is attached to the profane.  Is it a siman tov that Noga itself will be choosing the sunlit road on that very day??


  1. Dov, let's only hope we make it soon. Have a great day.

  2. rashbi2012.blogspot.com

    Here a link to message by 22:00-22:30 on shier

    Rav HaMekubal Rabbi David Abuchazera Shlita of Naharia said moshiach will be here by chodesh Tammuz & Av 5772 & by 9-10th Tammuz Iran will shut off world oil supply and Hormuz at stake.. http://debka.com/article/22057/Obama’s-air-sea-blockade-plan-for-Iran-delays-Israeli-strike-Hormuz-at-stake-
    Hormuz is lashen of tammuz (תמוז-הורמוז) here this is from zohar and On July 1, the Europeans will activate the embargo that left pending on Iranian oil exports and banks.This day in Hebrew is תמוז


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