Thursday, June 28, 2012


I Am Glad That I Met You

at the Western Wall by Reb Gutman Locks on Mystical Paths


I had to convince Daniel to put on tefillin. When he came back from praying for his loved ones at the Kotel he did not look pleased as almost everyone does.

     I asked him if it was a positive experience. He looked at me and tears came to his eyes. These were not the tears that I am used to seeing at the Kotel, tears that come when the intellect is overwhelmed by the spiritual reality that often shows Itself here. His were tears of sorrow. I asked him, “What’s the matter?”

     He answered, “Sometimes you do something wrong in life, and you can’t make up for it. Like you hurt someone…” There were more tears.

     He was torn. I said, “You are a very fortunate person. Most people just move on without any thought of who they may have hurt. You are sensitive, and this is a very good thing.”

     His tears came quicker. “But, will I be forgiven?” he asked.

     “You have to ask the person you hurt to forgive you.”

     “And what if they refuse, and won’t let you?”

     “You have to ask them three times, and then, even if they do not forgive you, you are forgiven by G-d. We all make mistakes in life. Life is a series of ups and downs. There has to be forgiveness or we couldn’t go on.” His tears stopped. “And if you did any damage you have to pay for it,” I told him.

    “And what if they won’t accept anything from you?” he asked.

    “Try again,” I said, “And if they really will not take it then give the money to some needy person.”

    “Obviously, we have to learn our lesson when we do something wrong so we don’t do it again,” I said, “or else the forgiveness is not really worth anything.”

     I told him, “Whatever you do in life, good or bad, you should evaluate what you did. If you can really say, ‘Hey, I did great!’ then that will help you to repeat what you did good. And if you have to say, ‘I really blew it that time. Man, am I sorry!’ then, by recognizing what you did wrong, that will help you not to make that mistake again.”

     I made him smile for the picture. As he was leaving he quietly said, “I’m glad that I met you, today.”

     I said, “So am I.”


  1. Hi Reb Locks,

    Could you give us your opnion on raw food diet / fruitarian / how you get your protein on your own diet etc?

    It would be really interesting to know..

  2. Yasher Koach.


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