Tuesday, June 12, 2012


An Analysis of Israeli PR – a Joke

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  1. In the natural battle between the side of Kedushah verses the evil of the 70 nations, The yetzer hara wins hands down. 1.3 billion Muslims plus about half of the world's Xtians vs. the hasbarah of about one half or Israel's 6 million Jews is a no brainer. The Yetzer HaRa should win hands down. So forget about hasbarah. Derekh HaTeva we should be utterly eliminated. But alas, the Power of the One and the Infinite determines our destiny. So concentrate on doing the right thing in His Eyes, and we win the supernatural battle hands down. Hasbarah is good for the person explaining the Truth to the World. It sharpens his mind and helps his neshamah to enter Olam HaBa. But in the end its influence is negligible and only convinces righteous gentiles to support us more fervently. But these tend to be people on our side anyway. So the practical effect of hasbarah on convincing people to change sides is negligible at best, especially since we are outnumbered in our voice 500 to one. That is there are 500 people spreading lies and filth about us to every one of us spreading the Truth. Who could ever win such a public relations battle!! The key is that in the end spreading the Light of Truth is not a public relations battle but a battle to convince people to embrace a world where human decency before G-d is the most important thing in life. Only in such a world will the Truth be popular, will the Temple be rebuilt, and will the World be at Peace.

  2. What Ms Phillips says is correct.

    Dov, we should continue to fight the PR battle. That battle can be waged more effectively but by how Israel speaks to the world, currently it speaks in a too sterile manner.
    But more important is what Israel does. Look at the PR mess over the deportation of Africans at the moment. There is little media focus on the welfare projects to help refugees, and instead there are absurd efforts to deport university students in the middle of their degrees! How does that help Hasbara?
    It is not enough for G-D to know that we have a good heart, we have to show it too or how else can we be a light unto the nations?


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