Monday, May 28, 2012


Yet More Asifa Musings

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

A friend responded to the video from Rabbi Manis Friedman discussing the Asifa approach to the internet.  He said…

“I disagree the Rabbi Friedman video answer to (anti-Internet) Asifah.  He has a point maybe but he's oversimplifying things.”

My response:

I agree Rabbi Friedman (the speaker is Rabbi Manis Friedman, rosh yeshiva of the Beis Chana institutions – and by the way is Avraham Fried's older brother) has simplified things.  But he's trying to make a point on approach.

The Asifa approach is that the tool is evil.  As an evil tool it must be avoided.  Since modern life has embraced this tool as a two way communication method and commerce method, to the extent that it’s becoming indispensible, we can’t completely banish it from our religious communities.  But we can apply maximum controls, banish it from the home, and shun any who utilize it beyond the minimum.

Rabbi Friedman says it’s not this tool (or any tool)!  It’s our inclinations and intentions.  It’s not a tool we must guard against, it’s our yetzer hara!  And if we think we’re going to avoid sin by avoiding a tool rather than learning to control inclinations and focus our intentions, we’re fooling ourselves.


  1. Exactly! Now go back 2200 years with the advent of rabbinical Judaism. Instead of following the simplicity of the Torah, they added takanot. It's all about control instead of the real issue at hand, follow what the Torah said and you don't add anything unless you feel God is incompetent that you need more. Wake up people.

  2. To Shilo:
    Why did you stop at 2200?
    You should have gone back 3280 years to the time of Yehoshua. He's the first one that started adding takanot to Toras Moshe.

  3. Tools (such as the internet) are not moral or immoral. People's choices are either moral or immoral. What is the most immoral choice of all? Not accepting personal responsibility. Pointing your finger at everything external around you, accusing it of tempting you, seducing you, because inside you're terrified of yourself. Online immorality isn't the enemy. It is our inner impulse that is the enemy.


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