Wednesday, May 23, 2012

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by Dov bar Leib at Mystical Paths

Years ago I used to drive around Meshulachim who were collecting money for worthy causes.  I must have had hundreds of holy people sit in my car as we drove around.  The longest stretches were between University City and Chesterfield in the evening or during the daytime from University City to downtown St. Louis. 

There were two that I would say were more then just Tzaddikim.  They were Ish Eloki (G-dly men), you know the type whose food does not even attract flies.  They were really holy men.  One of them was Rav Moshe Aharon Stern, zt"l.  The 2nd was a young Rebbe from Skulier. 

We were talking about the keitz and various things about the End of Days.  And we were talking about how we (the Jewish people) were rescued from Egypt below the level of Chessed she b'chessed.  And how the first Beit HaMikdash was destroyed at Gevurah she'b'gevurah at the end of 9 Centuries after Matan Torah. 

And how Paras was Tiffereth she'b'tiffereth and the yeshua related to the Tifereth of Mordechai is Emeth over the Tifereth of Haman being sheker.  The best translation for the word tifereth that I have ever seen is charisma (beauty of splendor). 

And how Yawan is defeated at Netzach she b'netzach, the 25th level of purity by those pure in hod, the Kohanim.  And then how Edom is defeated at hod she b'hod, the 33rd level of purity by the one pure in Yesod, Yosef. 

And then we started talking about the 41 levels of purity in the midbar and how entering Eretz Yisrael was at the 42nd level (Malkhut she b'yesod) often called Atereth HaYesod. 

Then the Skulier Rebbe commented, "You know though that Yehoshua bin Nun was crowned at Arvot Mo'av, the 41st place in the midbar in honor of his ancestor Yosef who was a melekh in Chutz laAretz.  Yesod she b'yesod is one of the secrets of the Final Redemption."  He smiled.  I said to him that there was tremendous debauchery at Arvot Moav.  He said, "All the more so since Yosef was Shomer HaBrit."  I just took a mental note. 

We had this discussion before there were states and nations rushing over themselves to grant marriage contracts to mishkav zachar.  How much more does this ma'aleh of Yosef mean today.


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