Friday, May 11, 2012


Kever Rochel on Lag B’Omer

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

I previously mentioned that we were unable to make it to Meron for Lag B’Omer this year.  Our daughter was in the hospital for surgery, and then had complications.  Thank G-d all is on the mend now, and the story of that experience is for another time (perhaps next week). 

But we were able to make a brief stop at Kever Rochel (the tomb of our biblical matriarch Rachel) today on Lag B’Omer.

A beautiful new parochet is in place, covering the tomb itself.  The inner facility seems to have been recently painted and cleaned, the whole place was gleaming…

2012-05-10 Kever Rochel Raizel 003

There was a small learning area off to the side of the kever, a men’s kollel.  That’s been moved out, giving that area over to the ladies (effectively doubling the size of the ladies area).

2012-05-10 Kever Rochel Raizel 001

The kollel has been moved to a beautiful facility at the other end of Fortress Rochel…

2012-05-10 Kever Rochel Raizel 010

While there I picked up this siddur (prayer book) and davened (prayed) mincha (the afternoon prayer).  After mincha finished, I opened it to see who had donated a Chabad siddur to the facility.  The inscription was VERY surprising…

2012-05-10 Kever Rochel Raizel 009

2012-05-10 Kever Rochel Raizel 008

It says (translated from the Hebrew, not the Russian at the top) -

This book was donated to the Jewish Community “Marina Roshcha” and the Central Synagogue “Beis Menachem” in Moscow – in the merit of all the Russian Jews and the brotherhood of the children of Israel that immigrated to the Holy Land from the nations of the CIS Commonwealth (the Russian Federation or former lands of the Soviet Union)”.

Do not remove this book from this holy site!

Apparently someone didn’t read the inscription and removed it from Moscow to Kever Rochel in Beit Lechem, Israel!  Who and how must be an interesting story all it’s own.


  1. It seems to me that it was donated by the shul to be used in holy places in Israel - not to the shul - so the instruction not to move it was an instruction not to move it from the holy places in Israel like Kever Rachel.

  2. Beautiful!!! Baruch haShem. Thank you for all you bring to us who are not in the Most Holy Land.

  3. Agree with yaak, it is in passive sense. "This book, a donation of the community..."

    The story reminds me of one miluim I did in which the army shul had many worn out sidurim which specifically said 'mukdash l'kotel hamaravi'. Is it possible for the kotel authorities to negate this infinite donation in order to supply army outposts?


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