Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Is Your Kedusha Stronger than a Computer?

Now THIS is how to approach the dangers of the Internet!

Direct video link.


  1. I also saw this video ... and was going to add it to my post, but instead included a link to your page.

    the Tree of Tov v'Rah.

  2. I guess as Rav Pinchus Winston put it years ago The Internet it the ultimate historical manifestation of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. So what is the tikkun? Make sure that you well grounded in the Tree of Life, the Torah. Once who are completely grounded in the Torah, the Tree of Knowledge of both Good and Evil is no longer assur. Stick with the Good as defined by the Tree of Life. Stay away from the Evil. And Sanctify the mundane, the pareve, that can go either way. So let's deal with the Internet instead of banning it. Think of wine. Instead of banning wine which can cause frivolity and drunkenness, we use it to sanctify our festivals and Shabbat. Look at the Internet that way. And yes, filter out the evil so that neither you nor your kids can see it. Treat the Internet as the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. I think Rav Winston's shiur is online about this, dare I say online??

  3. With all due respect to this great Rav: he is missing a point. The Internet is extremedly dangerous for our people. Rebbe Nachman of Breslov states that the flood will reach Jerusalem...
    He makes many good points on the video; but he also neglects the seriousness of the problem. Similarly to Commmunism. We are suffering the affects of Communism today in Israel and elsewhere from the ignorant assimilationists.
    It's almost like Nancy Reagan's "Just Say No" to drugs. There has to be a much more comprehensive response such as 12 step programs, which are available to frum Jews such as through Guard Ur Eyes and other similar sites.
    Either he is unaware of the extent; doesn't want to make a big deal publicly; or doesn't want to look at the seiousness of broken lives, broken families and troubles caused to the frum community.
    It is not like Communism. It is far far worse because the damage done to a person's soul is much more profound.

  4. The difference is that Lubavitch prepares its children much better for the big world. Every child is prepared to be a Jew-loving street smart chassid. While there is some yetziah, I think the percentages are better. Most religious kids are not prepared properly whether it's the sheltered ones or even the modern ones. The internet is not the tv with 16 channels. It's unlimited risk.

  5. who is this Rabbi?

    I wonder if the Alter Rebbe would have responded similarly. He didn't respond this way to Napoleon, he davka chose the threat of communism over the threat of Napoleon.

    To me the difference lies in which was more embracing. Napoleon embraced the Jews in order to subver them. Communism made them an enemy -- it's safer to be made an enemy than to be subverted by false love.

    The internet seems more subversive that contradictory. If you frame the internet as clearly adversarial, then the question is answered the way he answered it. "We're bigger than the klipah."

    But if the internet is welcoming you with open arms than maybe it's more like Napoleon?

    To me this is a question on Chabad from Chabad. (it isn't an expression of my thoughts or feelings.)


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