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Happy Lag B'Omer and Strike Three for Europe

by Dov bar Leib on the Mystical Paths blog and bowling center.

Everyone probably knows the vort that I like to repeat every year at this time.  This is not a series of predictions, rather noting a remarkable alignment of events to this time of year in the past, and SPECULATING about the future.

Esau only rises to the 32nd level of purity but pretends to rise to level 33 in order to get a chazakah on the Mon (perpetual prosperity) which started falling on the 31st day of the Omer.  Yet, he falls short on Lag B'Omer and Israel whose avodah is lishma can be blessed min hashamayim, without Esau's help as it were, starting on Lag B'Omer when the blessing of the Mon actually began on the 31st day of the Omer. 

Now (French Prime Minister) Sarkozy lost on Pesach Sheini, the 29th day of the Omer.  On the 30th the markets were just crazy and unsure about what a Sarkozy loss would mean (as the incoming French government is not austerity and debt reduction oriented – nor supportive to helping other EU countries in trouble). 

And on the 30th day of the Omer over 3300 years ago we were warned by HaShem to prepare for the Mon on the 31st day of the Omer.  The European markets have now plummeted for two days in a row.  Is it strike three on Lag B'Omer 5772 after all? 

Last year at this time HaShem had taken us to the level of the US, at least where it used to be, by getting Israeli PM Netanyahu to confront Obama on the 31st day of the Omer which was on a Friday last year.  He (Israeli PM Netanyahu) then trounced around 33rd degree FreeMason stomping grounds on the National Mall in Washington DC that Sunday Lag B'Omer paying homage to the Washington Monument, of course, the most important monument in the world for 33rd degree FreeMasons.  He even recited the entire American Declaration of Independence to his wife Sara by heart!!  Then after a few well placed quotes from Rebbe Nachamn of Breslov for the media, he continued his stroll with wife Sara to the Lincoln Memorial.  

During Av last year there was a peculiarly rare earthquake in Virginia which caused a major crack in the Washington Monument.  The pillar for 33rd degree FreeMasonry has now developed a crack rendering it unfit for Masonic avodah. 

Also the great ship Concordia ran aground off the Tuscany coast.  The ancient goddess Concordia in Rome represented the concord and peace between the ruling patricians (Esau) and the hoi paloi lower classes (Bnai Yafeth).  The temple to this goddess in ancient Rome was on the Forum right next to Vulcan the god of metallurgy who is really Tuval Kayin from the Torah, but it's our secret so don't tell them. 

Of course Tuval Kayin or Vulcan is the patron saint of Birmingham, Alabama whose county just went bankrupt also during the past year. 

And as just pointed out all that concord between the Bnai Yafeth and their Edomite rulers ran ashore off the Tuscany coast.  So now we have come full circle. 

It is Lag B'Omer in the year when the redemption must fully begin.  No more pretending that this thing can be pushed off any longer.  The last two days European markets have been plummeting, and Sarkozy's own party is now in the process of disintegrating.  A Socialist/ Communist/ Islamic takeover of the French parliament is also likely (noting that the new French PM received 93% of the Muslim French vote). 

The burning question is Lag B'Omer three strikes and you are out for Europe?  Is it a chazakah on the loss of Edomite prosperity?  I don't know anymore.  I am not playing prophet, but just noting the two day trend that began on the 31st day of the Omer.  And if Sarkozy's own party just disintegrates, there is no reason to assume that things will get better for Europe tomorrow. 

Whatever happens, Chag Sameach.  In Israel schools are off tomorrow.  Hopefully we will have something else to celebrate besides all of our traditional things that we celebrate on Lag B'Omer.

We will know whatever we will know tomorrow.  
Chag Sameach.


  1. "But for the fourth I will not turn away the punishment."

  2. Do you think Sarkozy, wife and baby will make Aliya to Israel? ... just a little humor :-). I mean if thousands are coming home, maybe he'll join them for some sochnut reparations.

  3. A few years ago I looked into who was Sarkozy's mother's mother. His mother's father is Benedict "Aaron" Mallah, a Jew from Salonika who obviously did not think that his Judaism was important enough to marry a Jewish woman. His mother's mother was definitely a French non-Jewish Catholic gal named Adele Bouvier. Benidict and Adele along with Nicholas's mom had to flee to the French countryside during WW2 because although he had converted to Catholicism to marry Adele, the Nazis could care less about such things. Yet, at least for now and hopefully forever, to immigrate under the Law of Return as a Jew Sarkozy's mother would have to be a Jew. He is through no fault of his own not a Jew. I realize that about 30% of Russian Olim in the early 1990s were outright gentiles even if a certain percentage of them were non-Jewish men married to Jewish women with children. I happen to know one, a Ukrainian named Arthur married to a Jewish woman. I hope and pray that we are not about to repeat the same errors again.


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