Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Guess What?

at the Kotel with Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths


      David is an American, bible believing, xian who knew that his mother’s mother was a Jew, but he did not know that he was. “Awesome!” was his response when I told him.

     Since he had read the Bible a lot, I was able to show him where the Torah says that you are Jewish if your mother is Jewish, (Avraham and Sarah with Yitzchok vs. Avraham and Hagar with Ishmael). I also showed him where it says that G-d is everywhere, even in hell (Psalms 139:8). And since, according to the christian book, yashka is not in the grave, so obviously, he can’t be G-d!

     It was the first time I can remember ever telling these things to a christain who did not say, “I gotta go,” and walk away. David really appreciated the information.

      He asked me how to buy a mezuzah (Torah scroll for his doorpost). After telling him, he went on his way, which was a totally different way than the one he walked in on. Thank G-d.


  1. Unbelievable, There are a lot of Davids, but in most cases these "hidden" Jews are in a cult called Jews for Real Estate, not Jews for Jesus. So in those cases, showing them a Biblical verse will be like getting them to read from a foreign text. Mashiach will have his hands full. There are a lot of these Jews whose mothers converted to Jews for Real Estate long ago, and not all of them married non-Jewish husbands.

  2. Dov, the Mashiach won't have a problem with the World, he will have a huge problem with ourselves.

  3. You did a great thing!


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