Sunday, April 01, 2012

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Send Your Mother a Present

at the Western Wall with Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths


     Michael is visiting from America. His Hebrew name is Tzvi. Tzvi’s mother just passed away. He cried when he told me. He loved her very much. He had never put on tefillin before, but when I was putting them on his arm he said, “Seven times.”

     I asked, “If you have never put tefillin on before, how did you know to wrap them 7 times around your arm.”

     He said, “I’m a Jew, aren’t I!” As if to say, doesn’t every Jew know such a basic thing as this!

     I explained to him why he should put them on regularly, and do other mitzvahs, too. I told him something that I had heard from the Rebbe (Chabad). It is a very powerful teaching that always helps to ease a mourner’s sorrow. 

     “When a person passes away, they go to a place so far away that they cannot contact us, but we can send them a present whenever we want. If we will do a mitzvah in that person’s name, the spiritual benefit of that mitzvah will elevate that person’s soul in Heaven.”

     He said, “Thank you. My mother would like that.”

     I told him to put a charity box in his home, and whenever he missed his mother, he should put a coin in the box, and ask G-d to bless her. He cried, and called me “An angel who helped me.”

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  1. reb gutman, when comforting a mourner it not good to tell them their loved one is 'far away'... it's also not true.. their loved one is always with them in their heart.


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