Tuesday, April 17, 2012

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POW Palestinians

Newsflash via YNet: (Palestinian Authority President-for-life-not-a-dictator) Abbas seeks (Geneva convention) Prisoner of War recognition for Palestinian prisoners (unstated but assumablely those located in Israeli prisons).

Palestinian President(for-life-but-he’s-not-a-dictator) Mahmoud Abbas said that the Palestinians will approach states that are signatories to the fourth Geneva Convention in order to demand that the convention's rules apply to the West Bank.

He added that in the spirit of the convention he will also demand that Palestinian prisoners be recognized as prisoners of war and receive all the rights that the convention offers.

Excellent!  Mystical Paths is all for this move and recommends Israel immediately accept the PA President-for-life-but-he’s-not-a-dictator’s request…

That way, per the Geneva convention, EVERY Pali-Arab who’s attack targeted CIVILIANS, and that would be almost ALL OF THEM, can immediately be charged with WAR CRIMES and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY and imprisoned for life or executed.

The 3rd Geneva Convention (1929) is the Protection of Prisoners of War.  But the 4th Geneva Convention (1949) is the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War.

(Oh, I know in general this is not a good idea.  No one is going to actually monitor or accuse the Palestinians, any such monitoring or accusations would be focused exclusively on Israel.  But Lawfare can and should be applied both ways.  Israel has enough lawyers that a lawfare team can and should be built and be doing to the Palestinians what they keep trying to do to Israel.)

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  1. Our Chief Prosecutor/lawyers are chiefly in the business of making life miserable for Jews who live in Yesha, especially the ones who bought properties from Arabs, but whose purchases have not been recognized by the medinah. They get paid well by non-Government Organizations who are well funded by the US State Dept. and the EU's number one wh--e Catherine Ashton. Now if someone would pay them to actually care about the Truth, perhaps they would give a hoot. Otherwise, I am not holding my breath.


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