Monday, April 16, 2012


The Path to Divine Blessing

An ad in a recent edition of an ultra-orthodox Jewish newspaper. Speaks for itself.  Only 6 payments of 25 (not sure what, dollars or shekels) and you’re in.


I thought the path was Torah, Teshuva (Repentence), Tzedakah (Charity), Tefilah (Prayer), Emunah (Faith), and Mitzvot (the commandments) and Maasim Tovim (Good Deeds). 

Who knew.


  1. Aren't all the separations mentioned in the Ad mitzos? I think they are saying for $150 a year you can fulfill mitzvos that you would otherwise not be able to fulfill. If they are legitimate and truly being a shliach for you in this mitzvah then I think $150 is a steal.

  2. I like coming to the seudat mashiach, and thankfully at our local event, while most of the Chabadniks are 'moshichists', there was little talk specifically about the Rebbe. I love coming to events where there is lots of divrei Torah and wine instead of vodka. What still pains me each time is that the goal and pinnacle of our desires is Mashiach, and not redemption. There is very little talk , if any at all, about Beis Mikdash and Hashem.


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