Thursday, April 12, 2012

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Overriding Congress to Fund Gaza

Weekly Standard:  Secretary of State Clinton is allowing U.S. funds to flow to the West Bank and Gaza despite a hold by House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairwoman Ros-Lehtinen, a rare display of executive-branch authority (over riding congressional oversight)…

A State Department official saidthe decision to move forward with the $147 million package of the fiscal year 2011 economic support funds for the Palestinian people, despite (congressional oversight) hold. Administrations generally do not disburse funding over the objections of lawmakers on relevant committees.  (And it is legally questionable to do so.)

image"[The funds deliver] critical support to the Palestinian people and those leaders seeking to combat extremism within their society and build a more stable future. Without funding, our programs risk cancellation," the official, who was not authorized to speak about the issue, said in an e-mail. "Such an occurrence would undermine the progress that has been made in recent years in building Palestinian institutions and improving stability, security, and economic prospects, which benefits Israelis and Palestinians alike.”

Hold a moment, I’ve got to dodge a U.S. funded Palestinian peace rocket…  Ah, ok now, much more stable.  EVERY SINGLE TIME funding is increased to the Palestinians, attacks increase.  That’s a demonstrable graphable  result.

Nice of the Obama administration to (maybe illegally) override Congress and provide such funding, irregardless of the result. 

Are they out to get us (in every generation Hashem saves us from their hand) or are they inable to graps facts that don’t fit their preconceived narrative of peaceful Palestinian peoplehood?


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