Thursday, April 05, 2012

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Mystical Message of Passover Made Simple

by Rabbi Ariel bar Tzadok of KosherTorah on Mystical Paths

[ Hashem’s name is made up of 4 Hebrew letters.  Each letter brings an approach and message… ]

* Get Down! - flat bread means a flat ego.  We must stop inflating ourselves.

* Give Thanks! - in spite of all we do,  everything we have still comes from G-d.  Be thankful for what we do have, and for what we don't.

* Find Freedom
- God gave us freedom
and now it's up to us to maintain and safeguard.  Watch out for those who steal your personal rights and freedoms!

* Get Moving - Leave the place of bondage (physical and/or psychological) and begin your journey to your personal promised land (physical or psychological).


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