Sunday, April 15, 2012


Live from Flytilla

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

One of my children was returning from Passover away with a friend in England.  Little did she know she was also flying back to Israel in the midst of Flytilla.  What’s a “Flytilla”?  It’s a plan for people who wish to protest for Palestine (and for the destruction of Israel) to fly en masse into Israel and (something – protest at the airport or at checkpoints into the West Bank or Gaza or something).

As we entered Israel’s international airport, Ben Gurion airport, the normal security checkpoint had a supplemntary staff of Mishmeret HaGivul, Israeli Border Police.  As each vehicle arrived they were checking against a list, occasionally taking select vehicles aside for additional review.  Clearly a first line of defense was simply preventing any supporting activists from entering the airport grounds.

We thought our child would be returning via terminal 1 (not many flights come via the old terminal 1 anymore), so we cruised by the arrives there.  As we did we saw a mass of police and Israeli Prison Service vehicles.  At the time we didn’t know why.

We subsequently found out our child had been routed to terminal 3 (the new terminal) arrivals, so we headed over.

As we came to the arrivals hall we saw groups of high level police officers clustered throughout the area and rows of television cameras lining the 2nd level, with reporters, photojournalists, and radio reporters clustered around (photos below, though I wasn’t expecting all this so I only had my cell phone with me – low camera quality).

Trying to find out the delay in our child coming out, we called her and this is what she said…

“We arrived but were routed out of the plane to a bus.  The bus went to Terminal 1 (old terminal) border control, where everyone was given roses, a bottle of water and briefly interviewed to determine their purpose for arrival.  About 60 activists on my flight from England were identified and taken away.  (They were easily identifiable by style of dress and all arriving with 1 backpack.)  After the process completed, we were placed on another bus and taken to the Terminal 3 (new terminal) baggage area and customs control. 

In the baggage area and customs control there were about 100 Mishmeret HaGivul border policemen.  It took an unusual amount of time for our luggage to arrive (perhaps they were separating out any activist luggage).  Finally we collected our bags, passed through customs and entered the arrival hall – where we were faced with 50 reporters and groups of Israeli police.”

As far as I can tell, Flytilla was a fly-dud.  And, as the Prime Minster of Israel said…want to protest something real, try a Flytilla into Syria where THOUSANDS are being SLAUGHTERED.  Unfortunately nobody really cares about Arabs killing Arabs. 

But Jews defending themselves, that’s something to get worked up about!

Here’s some pictures…

Senior Level Police Officers clustered throughout the arrivals entry area…


More reporters were present than flytilla activists, at least 10 different television cameras set up around the balcony…


Inside the customs area I can see about 15 border police, just inside the door…


There were almost as many reporters there as policemen.  Say hello to radio and audio journalists…



  1. Well, just how do you manage to be in the right place at the right time ........ So often?

  2. Ha-ha, Neshama, I was just about to ask the same thing!

    I'm really relieved the whole flytilla scheme didn't go through.

  3. We should get used to using the word Pesach instead of the goyish Passover. This would strengthen our pride and reinforce that it is 'our' holiday in a time where revisionism is rampant. The Muslims do not translate their holidays, and many countries do not translate their civil days either. Yom HaShoah, not Holocaust memorial day. Yom Hazikaron, not Memorial day. Baruch Hashem, the awareness is growing.

  4. Yes, but we have called Pesach as Passover as long as there have been English speaking Jews. And it is pretty much an exact translation. So I use them interchangeably, sometimes using both names in the same paragraph. When I refer to the Korban, I will usually use the word Pesach, but when referring to the passing over of the Jewish homes when HaShem slew the first born, I will usually use the word Passover.

    I heard that several of these pieces of dreck were walking down or bike riding down the Jordan Valley, Rehavam Ze'evi Hwy 90 over Shabbat. Funny I was on Hwy 90 during Pesach. Sometimes there is a sandstorm there. a good excuse to not be able to see and to take down ten of these activists at the same time while driving 95 km/ hour. Whoops sorry the speed limit is 90 km/ hour. I would not want to break the law.


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