Friday, April 20, 2012


I Want My Nanny State!

(Person X) is still recovering from a face transplant and wants to sue the state of Connecticut over the chimpanzee attack that nearly killed her three years ago.  On February 16, 2009, a 200-pound chimpanzee named Travis was freely roaming the grounds of the Stamford home of his owner and Person X’s friend when Person X visited.

The (large) chimpanzee attacked Person X causing her to lose (most of her face and almost die).  The attorney who represents Person X said he believes that the near-fatal mauling could have been avoided.  He said the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection ignored its own regulations regarding private ownership of potentially dangerous animals.

“They knew it was an accident waiting to happen. They knew the animal had no permit, and in spite of all this, the (government) took no action, under the they must either issue a permit or the statute says it shall seize and dispose of the animal. It chose to do neither.”

So we’ve reached the point where we expect the State to do everything for us.  Following the same theory, if I’m in New York City at someone’s house and they start smoking – if I every develop cancer in my lifetime I can sue New York City for not effectively enforcing their “no indoor smoking ban”.  Not that I should leave their house when the smoking starts (or not visit my friend that has a free roaming 400 pound wild animal in their yard).

I have NO responsibility, Nanny State shall do it all and bear the responsibility for not properly managing my decisions.

You know, I’m a little overweight.  I think I’ll contact my lawyer, I’m sure it’s the government’s fault.


  1. This is your platform for a Nanny State?

    The guy owns a 200lb chimp in a suburban neighborhood. You dont think anyone saw it and called the cops when it went out to do a #2?

    The state should be sued up the you know what for being so stupid. Freedom to do everything including owning a wild animal that can kill people with grace.

    You are implying that person X who had her face ripped off. Lets say that again. Person X who had her FACE RIPPED OFF, was hanging out there everyday and it was so casual.

    Did you read the court report.

    Sometimes this blog posts the most ridiculous garbage which must be why there is no ones name attached to this.


  2. If an article is untitled regarding the author, you can assume it's by Reb Akiva (as the editor).


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