Monday, April 23, 2012


Does It Make Sense to Do It Again?

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

Geulah predictions (predictions of the coming of Moshiach).  We’ve had years of posts focusing on world events and predictive statements from gedolim, mekubalim (kabbalists), tzaddikim (the saintly).  Being that Moshiach and the Geulah (the redemption times) aren’t here, everyone one of those predictions was inaccurate.

There’s a new prediction floating around.  It’s a good one, meaning from a reputable source.  (A good one clearly can’t mean accuracy, as so far accuracy from every source is ZERO.)

Is there any value, any positive, in getting people excited about a prediction of the ketz (the end of golus)?  Does it add something if the Geulah comes or intensify peoples actions in the positive that may hasten that day or make a prediction more likely (more mitzvot in the merit of the coming Geulah)?  Or does it just set people up for a big let down if, G-d forbid, it’s not accurate?

“The Zohar says that only Torah and mitzvot will bring the complete redemption. We have to squeeze through the narrow opening is left open to the path of Judaism and and open the way for as many as possible, both to hasten and merit the redemption and for the benefit of all Klal Yisroel and the world.”

The Gemora says that everyone will be surprised by the (suddenness of the) Geulah.  G-d willing, we’ll all be surprised TODAY.


  1. I'd settle for "bimheira biyameinu" without any more specific prediction!

  2. Different people will react to it in different ways, but I'm of the opinion that the benefit gained by promoting the prediction (assuming it comes from a reliable source) outweighs any potential negativity that may arise.

    The benefit is that it gets people longing for Mashiah when they look forward to a close date moreso than if they know of an obscure eventual arrival. The potential negativity comes from those people who will give up their longing when these dates pass with nothing to show for it.

    However, if people have the proper outlook and get the proper preparation for these predictions, this will not occur. As far as outlook, people need to realize that if one date is incorrect, they should look forward to the next date. If they believe in the words of the Nevi'im, there should be no such thing as giving up hope.

    Secondly, before learning about a date, people need to be educated and prepared that:

    a) these predictions are not Torah Min Hashamayim and are merely potential dates for a Geula

    b) these predictions are really a Tefilla to Hashem to make it so (as the Malbim says at the end of Daniel in his prediction)

    c) these predictions are stepping stones that actually bring the Geula closer with each prediction (I can't remember where I heard this)

    d) as the Ramban and Malbim say, we are so close to the end that no one should be giving up hope as we know it will be close even if a prediction is wrong, as opposed to the time of Haza"l, where it was very far away and there was potential reason to give up hope.

    May we be blessed with Mashiah's arrival Bimhera Veyameinu.

  3. What's the latest? I'm so out of the loop.

    I think credible predictions are good.


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