Thursday, March 22, 2012

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You Have Such a Nice Face

at the Western Wall with Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths


Tzvi is from New Jersey. He speaks some Yiddish, but never saw tefillin in his life! When I was putting the tefillin on him, he asked me, “What are they?”

     I explained, “The Torah tells us to ‘bind G-d’s words upon our arm,’ and that these words are written on parchments and placed inside the boxes. It means that we should do what G-d told us to do, and that we should think about what G-d told us to think about.” I asked him, “Why did you agree so easily to put them on, if you had never even seen them before?”

     He said, “Because you have such a nice face!”

     I burst out laughing, “Zvi, I don’t care why you put them on, just so you put them on.” The Talmud says that we should do a mitzvah even for the wrong reason, because by doing it, there will be an influence, and then we might come to do it for the right reason.

Another mitzvah we should do for any reason is Moas Chitim, helping the needy for Passover.  You can do it right here via Mystical Paths, where we help the needy in Israel, direct and with no organizational overhead, salaries or expenses…

You can support the needy of Israel for Passover – right here, right now, 100% charity with NO overhead…

Donate to the Needy of Israel for Passover
Click HERE !

or here…

We operate via Rabbi Nati’s registered Israeli charity, Yesh Ma L’asot, and with the rabbinical supervision of Rabbi Chaim Faro.  NO office expenses, NO advertising expenses, NO salaries, NO overhead of ANY kind (except for credit card processing fees of ~3.5% and currency conversion fees of ~1%).  100% tzedakah (charity) direct to those in need.

This Passover, more than ever, lets help make sure our brethren in Israel are able to celebrate the holiday!


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