Friday, March 16, 2012


Rashi’s Place

photos by Reb Avichai @ Mystical Paths

Rashi, Rabbi Shlomo ben Yitzchok, zt”l, was the premier commentator on the Torah and Gemora.  He lived in Worms, Germany.

Courtesy of Reb Avichai, here’s a few pictures from Rashi’s home and Rashi’s mikvah, still in existence today (from around year 1100 ce).



and the mikvah…





  1. this is great! thank you! i thought rashi was from troyes, france?

    any more photos? great to see!!

  2. In late 2002, I was on a business trip to Germany and Switzerland. We had time to take a side trip to Worms, where I saw some of the sights described here. According to the printed info about the Jewish quarter, the Jewish buildings were demolished by the Nazis and reconstructed later to look like the original buildings. While there, I noticed it was Mincha time, so I davened in the rebuilt shul (alone, since Jews no longer live there). Tours were taking German schoolkids through the area to show/tell them about the former Jewish community and its destruction in the Nazi era. One building had a small museum of Jewish Worms, including a partially burned Sefer Torah.


  3. By the way, while Rashi spent most of his life in France, he learned for a time at the Yeshiva in Worms.


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