Thursday, March 15, 2012


Only at the Kotel!

by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths


Only at the Kotel would you see a scene like this: The Jew with tefillin is an avowed atheist from Sweden, and the black man is a ch-ristian preacher from Georgia, USA. The preacher was trying to convince the atheist that G-d really does exist, and the Jew was arguing his head off against him!

    You might ask, “Why in the world would an atheist put on tefillin?” Well… Gutman had something to do with it. I convinced him by telling him that he could help a lot of Jews by doing it.  Oh -- and I had to pull a little, too.

     The preacher couldn’t budge the guy, not in the least, and he finally gave up. He looked at me apologetically and said, “Well, I tried.”

     I love it. What a crazy world we live in!


  1. Reb Gutman. It is sad profoundly sad, not crazy. 80% of Ashkenazic Jews don't believe that we have a covenant with G-d anymore even if they believe conceptually that there might be a G-d. For whatever reason, He chose to put us through so much pain in Ashkenazic Europe that the vast majority of Ashkenazic Jews refuse to accept that there is such a covenant because by doing so they would have to accept that G-d put the Ashkenazic world through a Hell that no other people had to even come close to experiencing, not even by an order of magnitude as close. So 80% have run away. Human souls are dead at the brain stem. The nefesh behamit is crushed beyond recognition. I pray that the tikkun will be miraculous and wonderful, but the ball is in G-d's court. We can only limp into this redemption, even those of us who have intellectually returned to His will. Dear L-rd for your own sake please know which I am sure you know already, that you have to bring the Redemption with Rachamim. Just hold indecency with contempt. But judge it wisely and separate out those who are sick from 2000 years of unbearable pain and simply want to be decent first before you. Heal them, for they are incapable of healing themselves. I don't see this as crazy. This is disastrously catastrophic. By denying that you exist, he can believe in the laughable belief of the inherent goodness of Man just to remain sane. Can you really blame him? At least he can wake up with a smile on his face because he believes that Mankind will bring about his own utopia. Somehow you have to show him that Mankind without you will fail miserably. Please show this man with love, and heal him so that he can love You.

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  4. as a jewish person, i would never agree with some xian pastor at the wall or elsewhere... never. would nto want to give any impression of agreeing with them about anything because they use that to bolster their evil lies.

  5. I agree with Reb Bar-Leib. It is so, so sad. Rebbe Nachman said that the generation before Mashiah would be tested the hardest. If we do not cling to emunah we will not make it.


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