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The Molad of our Time

by Dov bar Leib at Mystical Paths

This Friday morning is seven shlamim from the Molad of Nisan 72 1/2 years after the beginning of the Shoah.

I am still keeping my hope alive.  It clarifies things when I wake up in the morning.

And into the theatre of Jewish tears and suffering walks Jeremiah Wright.

Don't lose hope just yet. The 72 1/2 year mark is an extremely important mark in the Zohar on VaYera.  The previous verses in the Zohar described the events of 5766 to a tee.  So this particular Zohar has a provable track record. I wrote about this 6 years ago in the Secret of the Vav in HaShem's Name, but at that time I left out the statement about the 72 1/2 year mark.

I only bring this up because this particular page of the Zohar has a track record for accurately describing events in the Summer of 5766 and it gives the date of "66 years after passing over the threshold of the 6th Millennium.

It says that Mashiach would appear in the Galil in the 66th year.  But then mysteriously he would disappear for 6 years until the 72 1/2 year mark.  So there are two points.

In the year 5766, the bombing of the Galil and Haifa during the 2nd Lebanon War ended all of the Erev Rav's plans to unilaterally destroy Yehudah and the Shomron.  That war actually began on the 16th of Tamuz.  Some say it actually began on the 17th of Tamuz.

Yet, then the Zohar specifically says, for some strange reason, we have to wait another 6 years.

Hmm.  I wonder what the "for some strange reason part" is all about.  But there is no use stirring up all the sewage that has already run under the bridge.


  1. How does this have to do with 60 days of fire brought down in zohar and when does this begin

    Tzvi Bar-Rashbi

  2. It doesn't. The 60 day period that Reb David on Soul Mazal blog seems to be referring to begins on Pesach and ends with the Venus transit that is visible from Eretz Yisrael on June 6th. For a full view of the entire transit of about 6 1/2 hours, you will have to be in Sydney, Japan, eastern China, or even Honolulu, Hawaii at sunset. One might say that the dark spot of Venus on the sun qualifies as black fire in the Chalal Raik or the Rakia (vacuum of outer space). But it will not be there for 60 days, just 6 1/2 hours on June 5 or 6 dependent on which side of the international date line you live in. There will be a full solar eclipse on Yom Yerushalayim (28th Iyar) if you live in a place where it is still daytime when it occurs. That could qualify as another black fire for the molad of Rosh Chodesh Siwan. Besides that the astronomical forecast is clear without black fires in the interim of the 60 days between Pesach and the very rare Venus transit. So your question needs to be directed at Reb David Katz for a further explanation. I too am wondering how this black fire for 60 days will manifest itself. The Zohar on VaYera 119a does not leave us with an explanation. For that we would need to look at the meforshim, or ask Rav Matisyahu Glazierson who has been talking about this for decades now.

  3. Hmm, it just occurred to me that right smack in the middle of the zone that gets to view the entire Venus transit is North and South Korea. Well, Holy Moshe.

  4. Dov, what happened to all your other completely false predictions?

  5. They were wrong Shilo. So I have stopped predicting. I am simply mentioning either the predictions of others or the prediction of a particular Zohar that already has a track record of being accurate for events that took place almost 6 full years ago. I am out of the predicting business. If things do begin to happen, Then the events of 5772 which I wrote about will take place five or six months later. Do you want me to officially apologize for attempting exact dates? Yes, I apologize. I really thought that 5772 would be an entirely good year. Right now a bunch of other bloggers and Gedolim like Rav Fish and Rav Glazierson are talking about the Final Geulah beginning in earnest in the 2nd half of 5772 because the aforementioned Zohar says so and probably because the attempts of Olmert and his minions to totally destroy most of Yehudah and Shomron were foiled miraculously by G-d in 5766 by a war that devastated the Galilee and Haifa in 5766. So again we shall see if this Zohar's track record continues to shine. The same Zohar also predicted the beginning of the Al Aksa Intafada on the last day of the year in 5760. The peqidah (a final Din v'Cheshbon) on Klal Yisrael spoken of in the Zohar VaYeira 119a in 5760 actually took place on the previous Rosh HaShana 5760, but because it was unpleasant, HaShem delayed the events of the Intafada until the last day of that year. P'qidot often take place on Rosh HaShana such as the conception of Yitzchak mentioned in the Torah, which we happen to read about on Rosh HaShana too. Yitzchok was born on Pesach 2048 but was conceived either on that Rosh HaShana 2048 or nine months before Pesach after a peqidah that took place on Rosh HaShana 2047. Again this Zohar on VaYeira has a pretty spectacular track record (the peqidah of 5760 and the zechirah 6 1/2 years later which saved Yesha in the summer of 5766). Plus Rav Glazierson has been talking about all these events in 5760, 5766, and 5772 for at least thirty years now. He was talking about them when I was attending his classes at Dvar Yerushalayim Yeshivah in 1984. I still have his lecture notes.

  6. I forgot to mention. The peqidah for the birth of Yitzchok is in...you guessed it Parshat VaYeira. Yes, it is sad that we did not merit a much greater zechirah in 5766. Yet, we don't have to regurgitate the lack of common decency in that very simple test of common decency in 5765, do we? No, let's not keep mentioning it, and let us move on. As I said "There is no use stirring up all the sewage that has already run under the bridge." The men responsible are either in a perpetual coma or are suffering interminably right now. It is definitely not time to continue the blame game from 2005.

  7. Dov, I think we all hoped 5772 would be a good year and can only hope the reality changes for the better for all the decent humans, being Jewish or not.

    5766, so exactly how did haShem reveal anyone in this year? There is no question that he will be revealed in the Galil. According to tractate Sanhedrin 97, the 22nd of sh'vat 5762 was fulfilled and of course we know of the gulf war in adar 2 5763 being fulfilled right after. So is it possible the Zohar is wrong for the 6 year wait?


  8. Shilo, I must admit that I am shocked that you are quoting the Talmud. No human being was revealed in 5766 except to show Israelis how much of a fraud Olmert was. Since we are obviously starting from an intensely low level, just getting Haifans to get knocked around enough to realize that it is not in their best interest to plunder Jewish life in the Shomron was a breathtaking miracle. You and I agree that the lack of common decency amongst so many Israelis is downright breathtaking. So yes, The 2nd Lebanon War was a miracle of the highest order. It ended part of the insanity in 5766. We live amongst a lot of meshuganah Ashkenazim. Ashkenazic Jews have excruciating trauma deeply built into their family trees from the secular to the Chareidi. It leads to a lack of empathy because frankly a part of the animal soul and the lower sefirot of the neshamah for many Ashkenazim is "dead", the part that is attached to the brain stem. I don't know how G-d is going to heal us of this deeply rooted mental illness. I pray that is happens in the 2nd half of 5772. We need a break from the continuous suffering.

  9. It says clearly what rebbie said about moshiach Pesach process start

    וכן ראינו קשר בין מו"ר מרן הגרח"פ שינברג זצוק"ל ליבלחט"א מרן הגרי"ש שליט"א, שניהם פוסקי הלכה מירושלים עיר
    הקודש, ליטאים, בערך באותו גיל, והיו בקשר שנים רבות. שניהם היו מאושפזים באותו חדר בבית החולים שערי צדק. ומרן
    הגרח"פ זצוק"ל נפטר בכ"ז אדר, יום הפטירה של בעל הלשם זצ"ל סבו של מרן הגרי"ש, ונקבר באותה חלקה, בהר הזיתים
    [חלקת הנביאים]. וכן שמו של הגרח"פ, חיים פנחס בן יוספא, מרמז על הקשר למשיח בן יוסף. וחיים פנחס יוספא
    בגימטריא משיח בן דוד. כי משיח בן יוסף משפיע למשיח בן דוד. ונצרף טבלה ששלח אלינו הרה"ג ר' מתתיהו גלזרסון
    שליט"א בה רואים את הממצאים 'רב"י' 'גאו"ן' 'חיי"ם' 'פנח"ס' 'שינבר"ג' 'משי"ח' 'ב"ן' 'יוס"ף'
    my blog rashbi2012.blogspot.com

  10. all updates about moshiach stary pesach


  11. Dov, you should not be shocked at all, you knowing my stance (probably misunderstanding it though), If there is wisdom there I learn from it but discard anything that disagree's or contradicts the Torah of Moshe. Commentaries are absoulutly no problem as we are all trying to understand it. You need to sit down for this one Dov, I have the Zohar too :-)

    I agree totally about the people today. Here in Jerusalem I almost dread going out of the house expecting to see the behaviour of Jews that is, to me, first not Jewish, second that even the goyim are not acting in such ways. It's certainly not just the Ashkenazim, Dov, it's the complete spectrum of people here in the Land. Now, that's not all, there are many very decent people here( as I wrote to you via email about my experience in the Rova), but the split in my opinion is getting to where you cannot miss it. It's the majority that have gone off the deep end.

    I remember back around 10 years ago talking to a friend who is a sabra and he said so sadly "this is not the Jewish people." I agreed with him then, today it's so sad to see how low we have truly become.

    Just lately we hired a baal tshuva from America who constantly quoted the Tanach, so much I had to ask him if he thought he was King David (I fear no evil etc). He toned down the rhetoric finally, guess the "J" syndrome wore off after about 3 days, and he said he could not believe the behaviour here. He stated the talk in America by many Jews is quite shocking to hear. They speak specifically about the morals of the Israeli people. I won't get into details and no he never even got to the rainbow parades.

    Anyrate Dov, we can only hope that haShem pulls the plug, things must change. It depends on us and we are also the cause.

    Have a wonderful Pesach.

    Tzvi, in all due respect, that's so far off it's incredible.

  12. Dov, it could be possible that the Ashkenazi disorder can be traced to bad bloodlines coming down from the time of Ezra.
    The historians write that most of the Ashkenazi diaspora descends from the Jews of E"Y who were expelled at the destruction of the 2nd Temple, whereas the Sefaradi diaspora descends mainly from the Jews of Bavel.
    The Talmud in Kidushin says that Ezra took all the psulei kahal with him to E"Y and left Bavel as clean semolina, and in later generations they got mixed with the kosher Jews.
    So more Ashkenazim than Sefaradim would have mamzer/nesinim/etc. blood, and would lack the 3 simonim of kosher Jews - רחמנים,ביישנים וגומלי חסדים

  13. Daven for Chaim Yosef Meir ben Miriam Henya to wake up from his coma!!

  14. Dan... You mixed up babel and e. y.


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