Sunday, March 11, 2012


Metal Rain


Some. Most. (80-90%)  NOT ALL.  People are dying, children are running in terror.


Welcome to Chelm!  Where like the proverbial cold, starve a cold feed a fever, you feed a terrorist and his children while he’s shooting missiles at YOUR CHILDREN.

And defeat is measured by the enemies failure to actually slaughter your children, rather than by waging war, committing war crimes (firing on civilians), and shutting down the operation of your society.

The wise men of Chelm would be proud.


  1. Yes, where the Defense Minister says "Let's have patience in Gaza" while showing no patience to Jews in Yesha.

  2. That thing looks like someone put it together in his backyard .... It works .... It's surely a miracle .... The Hand of HaShem!


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