Thursday, March 22, 2012


Matzah Baking!

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

2012-03-21 Kfar Chabad Matza Bakery - Miriam Akiva Haviva Raizel 022

Yesterday I headed to the hand-made shmura matzah bakery with my younger children.  Both to buy matzah for Passover and to give them a chance to see the process.

Shumra Matzah is matzah made from guarded wheat.  That is, wheat protected from any moisture from the time of harvesting through grinding into flour and until the production of the matzah.

Hand made matzah is matzah measured, mixed, kneaded, rolled, and baked by religious Jews l’shem hamitzvah – specifically with the holy intention of fulfilling the mitzvah of matzah for Passover.

In all cases the process has a maximum of 18 minutes from beginning to end.  Any longer and according to Jewish religious law, the dough will become leavened and is not kosher for passover.

Here’s a live video I prepared of the experience.  The first 2 minutes or so are informative slides, followed by live action video…

After watching, please consider donating to our Passover charity campaign, fulfilling the mitzvah of moas chitim – helping provide for the needy of Israel for Passover.

You can support the needy of Israel for Passover – right here, right now, 100% charity with NO overhead…

Donate to the Needy of Israel for Passover
Click HERE !

or here…

We operate via Rabbi Nati’s registered Israeli charity, Yesh Ma L’asot, and with the rabbinical supervision of Rabbi Chaim Faro.  NO office expenses, NO advertising expenses, NO salaries, NO overhead of ANY kind (except for credit card processing fees of ~3.5% and currency conversion fees of ~1%).  100% tzedakah (charity) direct to those in need.

This Passover, more than ever, lets help make sure our brethren in Israel are able to celebrate the holiday!


  1. thank you for such an informative video. it was great hearing you with your kids. they were excited about the time it takes to cook the matzah. great! :)

  2. Thank you so much for letting us see the making of the matzah for Passover... how wonderful to see it all. You all have done this for so long, but some of us have never seen it done before or experienced it... thank you for letting us also "experience" it!!


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