Monday, March 19, 2012

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5 Pictures from the Kotel

by Reb Gutman Locks at Mystical Paths

Would You Put Tefillin on Someone…


     Who was wearing short pants, and carrying a deadly weapon? Although there are many Grand rabbis who say, "Don't you dare do such a thing," I do it all the time. After all, the guy is risking his life to guard my life. The least I can do is to help him to guard his own.







To Get Them to Smile…

   I tell them that if they don't marry a Jewish girl, their mother will break both their legs!




Welcoming Peruvian Birthright'ers







These Young Teens From Orlando Florida

    will remember their school trip to the Kotel for the rest of their lives.





Black Hats and Grey Beards at the Kotel


     Obviously, if you are talking about black hats, and long grey beards at the Kotel, you have to be talking about religious Jews, right? Wrong! These hats are made out of plastic, and they are crushable. You can sit on them, and they will pop back up! And the beards are long, but the mustaches are cut off! And the men with the beards and hats…? They are from the "Baptist Brotherhood." Yikes! You can't get much farther away from us than that.


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