Tuesday, March 13, 2012

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from the Old City with Reb Gutman Locks




Hand Made Shmura (guarded) Matza Factory


     I bought my matzah today. The handmade, round, thin ones are the best.



They Come for a Tour


     And they get turned around. Some of them never saw tefillin before, and none of them knew that you are supposed to be happy when you do a mitzvah.



After You Bless Your Boy, Give Him a Kiss




All You Got To Do Is…


     …wear a yarmulke, put on tefillin, rest on Shabbos, and a few things like that. And you will almost certainly end up with a bunch of very nice children.

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  1. Baruch HaShem for the work you are doing on behalf of Ha Kadosh Boruch Hu!!!


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