Tuesday, February 21, 2012

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A Quick Interview With a Norwegian Newspaper

by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths


     In a country with only 2 million households, a newspaper that sells 727,000 papers a day has a huge influence. You can assume that such a newspaper reflects the attitudes of its readers, or it would not be so popular. This daily newspaper from Oslo, called Aftenposten, is such a newspaper.

     And what are the well-known attitudes of the Norwegian population? Until the fall of the Soviet empire, the majority of Norwegians were communists, and now the majority---and especially their elite are renowned as anti-Semites and blindly pro-Muslim.


     I saw the reporter “interviewing” one of the young American volunteers at image004the tefillin stand. I have had quite a bit of experience with such interviews, and I know full well that the interviewer is going to twist the information he hears, in order to go away with “proof” that his opinions are correct. This is almost guaranteed. I walked over feeling that I could probably do a better job than the clean-cut, naive, young yeshiva student.

     It turned out that the Norwegian reporter was based in Amman, Jordan, and he had two loaded questions prepared:

     “What about the ultraorthodox community that beats up and spits on little girls?” he asked.

    “That wasn’t the community that spit on that little girl. It was a handful of radical young men. And did anyone lay a hand on her?” I answered.

     I went on, “Tell me, are all Norwegians murderers? I mean this Norwegian man who murdered some 70 young people a few months ago… I assume that he had the support of the entire community, right?”

     I was referring to the recent insane bombing in Norway, when a single man murdered scores of mostly young people.

    “Oh, certainly not! That man is insane. He thought that he was helping Norway by doing this.” The reporter went on and on, trying to explain to me that the man acted on his own, with absolutely no support from the community. Then he added, “The insane man thought that he was helping in the fight against European Islamicfication, which is clearly not happening.”

    “It’s not?” I asked. “That’s not what I have been reading in the papers. But the same way that we cannot blame all Norwegians for those murders, so too, you cannot blame all of the Charadi community for spitting on that girl. It was just the act of a few crazy, young men.”

   “I interviewed the girl’s mother, and she said the same thing,” he said.

   “Then why are you still asking?”

    He quickly changed the subject, “What about you religious men who refuse to go to work, and only sit and study all day?”

    “What! I refuse to go to work? I get up every morning at 1:00 AM! What time do you get up?”

     “You get up so early just to go pray, not to go to work,” he charged.

     “I sit in front of a computer screen almost all day long. What do you mean that I don’t work?” I said.

     “Well the others… the vast majority of you who refuse to go to work. What about them?”

     I answered him, “We Jews consider ourselves to be one body, and each of us is a limb, or organ of that one body. When a portion of us sits and learns all day, it strengthens the entire body.”

     The reporter saw that he wasn’t getting the story that he wanted, so he took a picture of me and moved on. I wonder how he will twist the story so that it agrees with what he came to the Kotel to prove.


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