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Kosher Healing?

by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths


A reader asked:

       “I recently started reading a book about a certain healing modality, called ThetaHealing. I bought it because it is supposedly a well-respected book in its field, and I have been learning a lot about the subject in general. I started reading it, but became bothered because it says that the tenet of this healing method is to call upon G-d, however, a person might call Him…and then goes on to list Buddha, Yashka, and a few more non-existing “deities,” and then, to the opposite of those deities, it listed Hashem (spelling out His most holy name)!

It also said something about lotuses in relation to chakras.... I don't know what this is, but I have a feeling it's related to avoda zara [idolatry]. At first, I thought maybe it might be okay since, at the end of the day, the book is still saying that you have to recognize the Creator, but I'm still uncomfortable and feel I should probably get rid of the book? What do you suggest?”

Gutman responds:

     If a healing system is entirely physical, then it should be spiritually alright. When there are any spiritual roots or sources involved, there will most likely be problems. The confusion comes when spiritually-improper systems incorporate healthy (physical) practices.

     For instance, yoga stresses deep breathing and stretching the body. These are very healthy things to do and they are not owned by yoga. But, when even healthy exercises are done within the realm of spiritually-unhealthy practices, then those healthy practices actually become dangerous. “All the good of the wicked is harmful for the righteous.”[i] These healthy practices can lead you to accept the spiritual impurities of the system.

     If someone breathes deeply and relaxes his body so his forehead almost rests on his lap… this is very healthy. But if he does this within the discipline of yoga, he will probably be taught to say a word softly over and over again, a word which he does not even know the meaning of. This, they tell him, will help him to clear his mind so he can relax more deeply. Quite often, this word is actually the name of a deity, or what they call, a spiritual “universal sound.” Even though you do not know what that word means, it has a spiritual reality and it affects your spiritual life.

     You might ask, “What is really so wrong with their idolatry? It’s just stupid! There is no reality to it, so why be paranoid about avoiding it?” The problems with idolatry are not just social. These problems go much deeper.

      For instance, the gurus and yoga teachers in India teach that the highest vision possible is the “Blue Pearl.” They say that this is the blue light that comes to only the most advanced mediators. I have seen it and it is exquisite! When you see it, it actually knocks you over!

     And what do Jewish writings say about this vision? “All colors in visions are a good sign, except for the color blue. It is the lowest color and much ardent prayer must be exercised to avoid it!”[ii]

     This is not a social difference. A favorite saying in the East is, “All paths go up the mountain.” I can tell you from experience that all paths do not go up the mountain. Some seem to be leading you up, but they actually take you down.

     You can usually find out if a system has any improper spiritual roots by going to a few Internet sites that teach it. I checked the system you are asking about and the second web site said:

“Where did ThetaHealing come from? In 1995 Vianna Stibal, a Naturopath at the time, Massage Therapist, and Intuitive Reader discovered that the way she did Readings could do an instant healing.”

     “Intuitive readers” are “psychics”! Certainly their spiritually-unclean practices will be integrated into this “healing” system.

     So, which health system do I recommend? Personally, I believe that prevention is the area that needs more attention. This includes; not smoking, at least mild exercise, a healthy diet, an optimistic outlook, being thankful, and being happy with your daily life.

[i] Gemora Yebamoth 103; Arizal, Shaarei Kedusha.

[ii] Zohar Chadash 68:4, Gemora Berakoth 57b


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