Sunday, February 12, 2012

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Heard after a farbrengen from one of the young women participants (who were at a separate table on the other side of the room)…

I feel a very spiritual after the farbrengen and speaking with one of the older chassidistas (women chassidim).

I’m not about to jump into the deep end of the pool, but I can start climbing the ladder towards the diving board!

I realized I wasn’t investing in my connection with Hashem, so why should G-d invest in his connection with me?  It’s like a friend (l’havdil), if I call and keep in touch every day, then we’ll be connected and I’ll know what’s going on with her and she’ll know what’s going on with me.

Same with Hashem, and also with the Rebbe.

I had kind of just pushed Hashem to the side.   So how’s Hashem going to know what’s going on with me if I don’t let Him know?  (Ok, He knows everything but why should He pay attention?)

And the Rebbe, a Rebbe isn't some Malach (angel)!  You need to invest in your connection.  Maybe I can’t learn all of Dvar Malchus (a Chabad weekly publication of talks and chassidus of the Rebbe, and more) as I used to try to, but I can learn a little and build from there.

If I doing my histadus I’m hoping G-d will do His.

(The picture is an example picture of women at a women’s chassidic farbrengen.  The author of these comments is not in that picture, it’s for example purposes only.)


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