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Gutman’s Readers React


by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths

Here are a few recent letters.

A chiropractor in Baltimore wrote:

“Hey, I put tefillin on one of my patients last week. He grew up Reform and never had the opportunity. I bought an extra pair last year just for this purpose but this was the first time I got to use them!”

From an insurance salesman in New York:

“We had another great Dorot class today - about 7 or 8 women in their homes on a telephone conference call. I shared a story about the Piezena Rebbe obm as told by Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach obm. The Rebbe taught the children that the greatest thing you can do in the world is to do someone else a favor. And another story about the Lubavitcher Rebbe and his wife receiving a call at 3:30am to give a blessing to a woman with a sick child. And a lesson from the Parsha [Torah weekly portion] not to let our clutter prevent G-d's words from coming to us.”

Noah who is getting his medical credentials in Connecticut wrote:

     “My Bubby [Grandmother] lights Shabbat candles, but now she has to take oxygen, so where she lives they said that she cannot light any more. She wanted electric Shabbat lights so I ordered them for her.  Also, there is one other Jew living in the building with my Bubby, I had her ask him if he would like a mezuzah and he said, yes. He has been living there without one for 12 yrs. Soon, he will have his mezuzah.

     I told a girl named Ashley to contact you about reiki healing, that she is going to learn.  She is a Jewish girl, a medical doctor I met at a Lubavitch Shabbat shindig. I sent her your way so that she will be able to learn and make educated Jewish decisions about energy healings and life. I hope she reaches you.”

From Israel in San Diego:

      “You jump started me 9 years ago. The Car is still going and I have had the blessing to jump start others.”

From Alex who was here on his Chanukah vacation learning for two weeks with his Chabad rabbi. He is back at school in Upstate New York finishing his degree in accounting. When he came to the Kotel he fell in love with helping Jews with the mitzvah of tefillin. He had never done it before:

     “Hey Gutman, first day of wrapping tefillin on others in the dining hall... I only had around an hour between classes to eat and wrap. Wrapped with two people, spent a half hour talking to one about relationships between people and between G-d. Hope all is well on your end.”

     When you help someone, you see your kindness bear fruit right before your eyes. This not only gives both of you joy, it also brings to you a feeling of fulfillment. The fact is, there is no better way to help yourself than to help others.

    And your letter…?

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  1. chazak ubaruch reb gutman!!!
    we love reading these! :)


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