Thursday, February 23, 2012


A Bit of Web Privacy

Helpful hints from Reb Akiva.

** Google is going to track you completely starting March 1st.  If you want to delete all history they have on you from the past, you can do so here: How to remove your Google search history.

After March 1st if you want to avoid being tracked, here’s how:

a. Load 2 browser programs on your PC, for example Firefox and Chrome.

b. Use Chrome to login to your Gmail or other Google Docs.  DO NOT use it for anything else.  No web searches, no Youtube viewing, nothing you don’t want tracked.

c. Use the other browser, such as Firefox, for web searches, Youtube viewing, etc.  DO NOT login to anything Google in this browser.

This works because different browser programs do not share information.

** Stop being tracked from site to site.  While you may not realize it, things such as the Facebook Like button, Retweet button, and Google Analytics are tracking you from site to site.  Do Not Track Plus is a free browser plugin that stops this tracking. Not only does it block companies from tracking your web browsing, it really speeds up your page load times.  I recommend it and am using it myself.

** Cut down site adsAd block plus reduces the site ads being thrown at you and is free for Firefox and Chrome.  Recommended.

** Maximize your browsing safety from attacks.  No Script stops sites from running small programs inside your browser.  The problem with this is these programs can try to attack your computer or other open tabs.  This tool completely stops that.  HOWEVER, in doing so it makes some sites not work properly.  Only available for Firefox.  After having my Gmail account hacked and stolen, this is one of the measures I use to protect myself from future attacks.  Meaning I log into Google accounts only in Firefox, and only use Firefox for Google accounts, and I have Firefox running this tool.  I do my other browsing in Chrome, and never log into Google there.  You may not want to do this unless you have some level of expertise.


  1. Thanks, this is extremely valuable. What about Apple Mail? What about Safari? I can access both gmail and yahoo mail within one search page, it will even combine all the emails in one program.
    "Good Grief, Charlie Brown" (remember that?)
    We need some good comic blog cartoons? If you read the JPost paper edition, there was a great pol cartoon this Thurs.

  2. Great info thanks

  3. Hello. I was speaking with someone about the "DO NOT TRACK THIS" and e was saying to just make sure that the DO NOT TRACK THIS is legit because it could be another tracking agent.
    I will look it up to see if it's legit. Will you do the same, please? Thank you.

  4. Leah you might just be on to something. In the comment section, when I tried to add this on to moz foxfire browser, was this statement: has an undisclosed WHOIS, not trustworthy for a company that also sells software. . . well in fact it is against FTC (Federal Trade Commission) law.

    I personally would never be a consumer of one that does not disclose their WHOIS.


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